RHONJ: Jackie Goldschneider denies rumor that her husband dated her estranged sister

RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider
Jackie Goldschneider slams recent rumor about her husband. Pic credit: @jackiegoldschneider/Instagram

Jackie Goldschneider addressed a rumor that her estranged sister and her husband Evan Goldschneider once dated, and she took to social media to shut it down.

Jackie and Evan along with their kids are currently on spring break in Miami, but The Real Housewives of New Jersey star paused the fun for a good reason.

In a video posted online, Jackie addressed the claim and noted “while that sounds like a great story it is sadly not true.”

The mom of four told her followers that if her husband Evan had dated her sister before her, people would have known about it, because “I’m completely open about my life, and because I don’t really think it’s that embarrassing of a story.”

In the clip, she gave some history and timeline of her sister’s marriage, which took place in 1998. Jackie also revealed that she met her now husband, Evan in 2003.

Jackie noted that if her sister had met Evan and dated him in the 90s she thinks it would make for an interesting story.

“I’m also sure there would’ve been some pictures or something so I couldn’t even deny it,” she reasoned.

Dolores Catania says we don’t know the full story of Jackie Goldschneider and her sister

Meanwhile, Jackie’s sister being brought up recently is not a coincidence as some new family drama has been playing out on the show this season.

Newbie, Danielle Cabral revealed that she doesn’t speak to her brother. The women, especially Jackie, felt that something was missing from the story.

Jackie opined that the story Danielle told about her brother making fun of her on social media, then her blocking him in return, doesn’t fully explain why the once close siblings are now estranged.

Danielle was furious with the women for questioning her story, and even Dolores Catania felt that Jackie wasn’t one to speak on the estranged siblings.

When the cast dished about Danielle’s version of events, on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, Jackie doubled down on her opinion and added, “maybe it’s the lawyer in me but I see gaping holes.”

However, Dolores bashed Jackie and noted, “Do we know her whole story about her sister? Do we? Do we even know a f**king quarter of it?”

Dolores continued to defend Danielle against Jackie’s comments adding, “Maybe Danielle should ask her about her whole story with her sister.”

RHONJ viewers slam bashing Jackie Goldschneider

Meanwhile, Dolores and Danielle are not the only ones annoyed with Jackie this season, the viewers are not too happy with her behavior either.

Jackie, who has been a full-time Housewife until this season, has been getting heat for stirring the pot, with some thinking she’s trying to regain her full-time status.

After the video of Jackie addressing the rumor was posted by Instagram, user @tasteof_reality, viewers had a lot to say.

“I’m so glad she’s not full time,” wrote one commenter.

“I used to like her even though I did not think she was a good fit for the show. But her behaviour in the limited capacity she’s been this season has been so cringe,” added someone else.

RHONJ viewers bash Jackie Goldschneider
Pic credit: @tasteof_reality/Instagram

One person wrote, “Go away Jackie. You didn’t talk this much when you was a cast member.”

Another commenter added, “Who cares! Jackie you’re a true trouble maker on the show, perhaps it’s time to retire!”

RHONJ viewers bash Jackie Goldschneider
Pic credit: @tasteof_reality/Instagram

You can watch the RHONJ cast sound off on the Danielle Cabral sibling story below:

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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