RHONJ: Here’s what happened between Luis Ruelas and Frankie Catania

Frankie Catania on Season 8 of RHONJ.
Frankie Catania used to work for Luis Ruelas. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 reunion has been full of drama and chaos.

Part three is coming up, and the men from the show will sit down to get into the nitty gritty with Andy Cohen.

There is a clear divide among the group, with some siding with Joe Gorga and others with Luis Ruelas.

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Frank Catania and Louie have beef, which stems from what allegedly happened between Teresa Giudice’s husband and Frankie Catania.

RHONJ viewers saw a preview of what Frank alleges happened between his son and Louie, placing him staunchly on team Gorga.

So, what happened between Frankie Catania and Luis Ruelas?

Frank Catania alleges Luis Ruelas left Frankie Catania hanging

During part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, viewers saw “unseen footage” of a conversation between Joe Gorga and Frank Catania.

Franks alleges that Luis Ruelas gave Frankie Catania a job, and when things closed up with the business, he didn’t even tell Frankie. Instead, he had to call and find out what was going on between Louie reportedly wasn’t taking any of Frankie’s calls.

When it hits the discussion table at the reunion, Dolores Catania calls out Frank, implying that nothing happened between Louie and Frankie.

However, it is essential to note that Frankie denies what his father said and reveals there is no truth to what Frank told Joe Gorgba and what came up at the reunion.

Luis Ruelas takes a beating at the RHONJ reunion

There have been serious accusations hurled against Luis Ruelas throughout the reunion.

Margaret Josephs alleges Louie had her son called at work and threatened him, and the number was confirmed to belong to Louie.

Frank Catania seems to believe all the issues began when Louie came on the scene with Teresa Giudice, and some other men agreed.

Louie reportedly started a smear campaign against Frank and Joe Gorga, which has them heated when they both take their spot behind Melissa Gorga.

There is a lot to discuss during part three of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. It’s come down to this, with Joe and Teresa facing off and severing their familial ties.

Louie has viewers worried, as some even dubbed him terrifying after the antics he’s pulled throughout the season.

Be sure to tune in for the final parent of the reunion when the men take the stage and the drama explodes.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Kelly Hinz
Kelly Hinz
5 months ago

Why Is Delores always sticking up and protecting Teresa. Doesn’t she hear and see what everyone else does. Delores if it comes against you or her she will throw you under the bus too

Sue Duncan
Sue Duncan
5 months ago

I believe frank, also if anyone has too be fired it should be Teresa and Louis she has been trouble since the gorges started on the show. Personally I will stop watching. If Melissa and Joe get fired.

5 months ago

Was starting to question if Louie was a good guy with all the accusations hurled at him..however…not with Beau Deital confirming he did not investigate any housewives snd Frankie Jr. Stating his dad lied about his job with Louie, that it was a great job and he was greatful…it’s the other side of the couch that has egg on their face!

Terrie Sparacino
Terrie Sparacino
4 months ago

I think Teresa, louis and Jennifer Aydin should be fired. They lie all the time and are pathetic. They are not fun to watch. They are so bent on ruining Margaret that they seem psychotic.If Louie and Teresa stay on the show, I won’t watch anymore. They only bring drama and criminal actions.