RHONJ critics bash Gia Giudice for latest cosmetic procedure: ‘You’re obsessed with your looks’

2023 selfie from Gia Giudice's Instagram Story
Gia Giudice gets backlash from RHONJ critics. Pic credit: @_giagiudice/Instagram

Gia Giudice brought cameras along for her latest cosmetic procedure, and now she’s getting backlash.

After she posted the video online, critics chimed in with negative comments, even claiming that the reality TV star is “obsessed with her looks.”

This has become a norm for The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, who’s been feeling the heat now that she has a bigger role on the popular Bravo show.

People are convinced that producers are prepping the 23-year-old to become the next generation of Housewives now that the franchise is heading downhill.

However, with a more significant role on the show, Gia has been receiving backlash from critics left and right.

She isn’t just called out for her moments on the show; her social media posts have also received negative feedback.

Gia Giudice brings cameras along for her recent cosmetic procedure

In true influencer fashion, Gia’s recent visit to D. Sierra Lash Co. was captured on camera and later posted online.

The video showed the RHONJ star getting a brow lamination and lash lift at the New Jersey salon.

Initially, Gia had tape covering her eyes and under her eyes, as well as products on her brows, since both procedures were done in the same session.

After briefly reviewing the process, the video transitioned to showing the finished product with a closeup of Gia’s face.

The final reveal featured thick eyebrows and long wispy lashes on the RHONJ star.

Gia tagged the salon in her TikTok post, which she captioned, “the magic of what a brow lamination and lash lift can do✨.


the magic of what a brow lamination and lash lift can do✨@D.Sierra Lash Co @Dominique Sierra

♬ original sound – Let’s Goal Up

Interestingly, while the Bravolebrity only underwent the simple cosmetic procedure that has become quite the norm for many people, the post wasn’t without its share of negative comments.

Gia gets backlash from RHONJ critics

To be fair, Gia’s TikTok video racked up thousands of likes and a slew of positive comments, but the negative remarks stood out like sore thumbs on her page.

“You’re obsessed with your looks. Stop doing lip injections right now. I can see where the needle marks are. Please stop It. You’re beautiful and young don’t do this,” wrote one TikTok user.

“why does she look like she’s had plastic surgery on her face,” questioned someone else.

“nose job….what else? lips?” another commenter added.

Gia Giudice gets negative comments on TikTok
Pic credit: @giagiudicexx/TikTok

Someone bluntly told Gia, “Invest in donating to charity instead of needless procedures.”

Another commenter told the budding influencer to “Get a job stop wanting to be famous cause your not.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Pamela Rose
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Kardashian wannabe