RHONJ: Gia Giudice responds to backlash after undergoing CoolSculpting procedure

RHONJ star Gia Giudice close-up
Gia Giudice speaks out after recent backlash. Pic credit: @giagiudicexx/TikTok

Gia Giudice has seen the backlash regarding her recent CoolSculpting procedure, which she recently addressed in a new video.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star responded to critics who dubbed her as lazy for choosing to do the procedure that involves the use of technology to freeze away fat cells from certain problem areas. 

A few days ago, Gia took her social media followers along to her session at Eminence Medical Aesthetics, where they administered the CoolSculpting Elite service.

However, the post was immediately met with backlash as people questioned why the 22-year-old opted for the procedure.

In a clip recently posted on TikTok, Gia explained herself as she got ready for a night out.

“I know you probably all saw my Instagram that I got the EmSculpt done, and listen, it was an opportunity that was given to me; I’ve always wanted to try it,” said Gia.

She also explained that she had her IUD taken out, which affected the way she looked and felt about her body.


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Gia Giudice admits she wasn’t happy with the way she looked

The Bravo personality continued to open up about how the IUD affected her body and how she felt as a result.

“I just wasn’t happy overall, with myself, with the way I looked,” confessed Gia, who noted that she took action and removed the IUD. Gia made it clear that she also eats well and exercises, but she decided to do CoolSculpting after the opportunity presented itself.

It seems Gia’s partnership with Eminence Medical Aesthetics involved her getting a free session in exchange for promoting the service to her 885,000 Instagram followers.

“I also just had this opportunity to try EmSculpt, I really liked it,” said Gia, who later added, “It’s not like ‘oh I got EmSculpt and now I think I’m skinny,’ no, I do everything that I’m supposed to be doing.”

Gia shared that she’s felt and seen the changes in her body after taking out the IUD, but she’s also eating better, working out, and measuring her food portions. As for the results of the CoolSculpting procedure, The RHONJ star said it’s too early to see the results yet.

“My whole thing is if you can do it, do it! Do what makes you happy and feel good,” added Gia.

RHONJ star Gia Giudice promotes CoolSculpting Elite

Gia posted a shared video with Eminence Medical Aesthetics that showed her getting the procedure done.

The company posted details about Gia’s session, noting that she got “Coolsculpting Elite on her abdomen and thighs, where she has some stubborn pockets of fat.”

“It is not uncommon for even active, younger people like Gia to have trouble sculpting certain areas of the body through regular diet and exercise,” they added.

CoolSculpting Elite is an FDA-cleared device that is non-invasive and is used to permanently freeze away fat cells. It can be safely used on most parts of the body including the abdomen, thighs, and arms.

Fans can use the discount code “Gia” to get $500 off their first CoolScultping Elite treatment with the NJ-based Eminence Medical Aesthetics.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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