RHOD: There’s drama brewing backstage as the cast prepares for the Season 5 reunion

Things hot heated backstage at the RHOD reunion
Check out the drama that went down backstage at the RHOD reunion. Pic credit:@Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Season 5 of the Real Housewives of Dallas is officially over, but there’s more drama to come.

Fans are anticipating the Season 5 reunion and it seems things got heated before the women even hit the stage.

Many of the Dallas Housewives had not seen or even spoken to each other since they wrapped filming.

However, it seems a lot went down on social media that had them chomping at the bits to confront their costars.

It will all come to light when the reunion airs next week but until then we have some juicy backstage action to dish about.

RHOD cast get heated backstage at the reunion

Cameras followed the Dallas Housewives as they got ready backstage in preparation for the reunion and they spilled quite a bit of tea regarding which castmates they were most looking forward to confronting.

Tiffany Moon seemed to be a hot topic, as she prepped for her first reunion.

I haven’t talked to most of the ladies in months, so this will be the first time we talked in a long time,” ” said Tiffany, who was all dressed and ready to go.

“The only person I’ve talked to is D’Andra [Simmons]. I talked to Stephanie[ Hollman] very briefly, not about show-related things and I sent Brandi [Redmond] a baby gift when she had her daughter but we did not speak and I did not see her.”

The RHOD cast has a bone to pick with Tiffany Moon

During her backstage chat, the Real Housewives of Dallas newbie made it known that she had some issues to sort out with Kameron Westcott.

I have a few grievances with Kameron Westcott for some things that happened actually after the show, not while we were filming. And she’s been avoiding me so she can’t avoid me anymore. It’s time to talk,” noted Tiffany.

As for Kameron, she has a bone to pick with Tiffany and it seems the entire cast has an issue with the MD as well.

“You know I’m actually heading into this reunion quite sad. I’m shocked, I’m surprised, I am hurt,” commented Kameron.

“I thought some people were my friends, and I specifically am gonna narrow in on Tiffany Moon. I thought she was my friend. I never in a million years knew she had all these feelings, and she went to the press after we wrapped and just blindsided me and the entire cast.”

The Dallas socialite added, “We thought we all were the dream team. We all had an amazing season together and had our ups and downs but we all forgave and moved on. And now I just feel like with all her cyberbullying against the entire cast and especially towards me, I feel like we’re dealing with a different person.”

Kameron shared that she’s kept in touch with Brandi, Stephanie, and Kary since filming.

“We’ve been bonding over the evil tweets that Tiffany has been saying about all of us,” noted the RHOD star.

Are you excited to see how Tiffany Moon handles her first reunion?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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