RHOD newbie Tiffany Moon says Kameron Westcott has blocked her on social media

RHOD star Tiffany Moon calls out Kameron Westcott for blocking her on social media
Kameron Westcott blocks castmate Tiffany Moon on social media. Pic credit:Bravo

Things are heating up between Kameron Westcott and Tiffany Moon.

The Real Housewives of Dallas stars are not only feuding on the show but on social media as well.

As a matter of fact, Tiffany just called out Kameron for blocking her on social media.

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Things got tense between the two women on the show after Tiffany organized a Dim Sum meal for her castmates.

During the event, Tiffany served up a variety of Asian dishes –wanting to give the women a taste of her culture.

However, things got awkward when Kameron refused to eat the chicken feet.

And after Tiffany tried to persuade her to give it a taste, Kameron felt that her castmate was being too pushy.

Now, things are getting worse between the two.

Tiffany Moon calls out Kameron Westcott for blocking her

The Real Housewives of Dallas newbie just called out her costar Kameron Westcott on social media.

Tiffany shared a screenshot on Twitter which showed that she’s been officially blocked by the pink-loving socialite.

“Tune in this Tuesday to watch me not make an A at party throwing. I would call the self-proclaimed Queen of Etiquette for help, but she blocked me on all social media,” wrote the Dallas MD.

Tiffany Moon says she was blocked by RHOD castmate Kameron Westcott
Pic credit:@TiffanyMoonMD/Twitter

And. that wasn’t the end of it either.

Kameron threw some shade at Tiffany while promoting her Sparkle Dog treats and Tiffany clapped back at that as well.

Kameron Westcott throws major shade at Tiffany Moon

The two Real Housewives of Dallas stars are definitely not on the best of terms right now.

And it seems the entire drama stems from what we’re now dubbing as #chickenfeetgate.

Kameron was recently promoting her brand of dog treats on social media and her post was clearly a dig a Tiffany.

The mom of two shared a photo holding her dog treats, but it was the caption that caught everyone’s attention.

“Chicken feet??? I’d rather eat SparkleDogTreats #RHOD,” wrote the mom-of-two.

The shady post did not go past the Asian-American beauty and she issued a response to her castmate.

The RHOD star responded in part, “YOU said you’d rather eat dog food than food from my culture… this is outright offensive.”

RHOD star Tiffany Moon responds to Kameron Westcott
Pic credit:@TiffanyMoonMD/Twitter

Dallas Housewife Brandi Redmond found humor in the situation writing under Kameron’s post, “You’re so funny.”

However, a lot of people didn’t find the post funny at all.

After Tiffany shared the screenshot several RHOD viewers came to her defense and noted that the comment was offensive.

And, it seems Kameron couldn’t take the heat. After getting backlash for the post, the 38-year-old later deleted it from her page.

Do you think there’s any hope for Tiffany and Kameron to become friends?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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