RHOD: Brandi Redmond breaks down over Andy’s questions about MIL, her marriage and that video of her husband

RHOD star Brandi Redmond gets emotional as she addresses husband's cheating scandal
Brandi Redmond addresses her husband’s cheating scandal at RHOD reunion.Pic credit:Heidi Gutman/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Dallas aired its final of the two-part reunion last night and it was an emotional one, to say the least.

Brandi Redmond had an especially hard time having to delve into several tough topics that have played out in the media.

She addressed the devastating car crash that claimed the life of her mother-in-law and led to her 9-year-old daughter Brinkley being hospitalized.

Furthermore, her husband’s scandalous cheating video that hit the blogs recently was also a topic of discussion during the reunion.

The Dallas Housewife kept silent after the video of Bryan allegedly kissing a woman in a nightclub made its rounds on the blogs, but last night she tearfully opened up about it.

Brandi Redmond addresses her husband’s cheating scandal

During part two of the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, Brandi had no choice but to address the elephant in the room, and host Andy Cohen delved right in and asked about the video of Bryan.

“You know, I’m disappointed but I’m aware of when that happened. It was in Las Vegas during a dual bachelor-bachelorette party for my sister and brother-in-law,” noted Brandi tearfully.

It’s not clear who leaked the 2018 video, but the mom-of-four found out about it after a fan sent it to her daughter on social media.

The Dallas Housewife shared, “I want to protect my children. I hate that a fan sent that video to my daughter’s Instagram that is private, and she saw it. Because as much as I can be angry and stuff, that’s her dad…and I just feel like it’s just not OK.”

Despite the damaging video, Brandi explained why she made the decision to stand by her man.

“I will tell you that, you know, this was the craziest year and my darkest hour,” said Brandi. “That man was there for me and is there for me, so I feel like I would be really a piece of s**t if I didn’t be there for him because he’s hurting too right now.”

Brandi talks deadly car accident that killed her mother-in-law

The Real Housewives of Dallas star had to tackle another tough topic during the reunion, the tragic accident that claimed the life of her mother-in-law.

Brandi was emotional as she recounted the events.

“They went out to see my sister-in-law’s kids and they were leaving her neighborhood and they were hit by an 18-wheeler… the car flipped and then the 18-wheeler fell on top of them and completely smushed the car.”

The RHOD Star continued, “She died, from what we know, on impact, and Brinkley, by the grace of God, made it, and it’s crazy cause she’s perfect and she had some broken bones and [a few] scratches but they don’t even know how she survived.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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