RHOBH spoiler: Crystal Kung-Minkoff breaks down in tears after ‘creepy and weird’ interaction with Sutton Stracke

RHOBH newbie Crystal Kung-Minkoff confronts Sutton Stracke about weird and creepy interaction
Crystal Kung-Minkoff breaks down after weird interaction with Sutton Stracke Pic credit:Bravo

Things are getting weirder by the minute between The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Crystal Kung-Minkoff and Sutton Stracke and their latest interaction brought the newbie to tears.

The two women certainly did not get off on the best footing upon meeting each other and things got worse during their cast trip to Lake Tahoe.

Sutton had to make a public apology to her costar after an intense conversation about race. In the upcoming episode, Sutton has to apologize to Crystal once again after being confronted about another interaction.

Crystal Kung-Minkoff gets emotional over interaction with Sutton Stracke

In a clip for tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, get ready to witness more misunderstandings between Crystal and Sutton. This time around it’s Crystal who gets emotional about an incident that recently took place.

After their night out last week, the women returned home and an argument kicked off between Crystal and Sutton. After the brunette beauty stormed off, Sutton noticed she had left her coat behind so she went to return it. However, it seems Crystal wasn’t too comfortable with what happened next.

In the clip, Sutton goes into Crystal’s room to apologize for their past issues, but Crystal had another bone to pick with her.

“So I don’t know if you remember but the second night when you came to my room, in the middle of the night I was naked,” remarked Crystal. “Yeah, I know I’m sorry. I was just giving your coat back,” explained Sutton.

“But I mean like if someone drops on the ground and covers their body and then you said something like ‘what are you doing over there?'” continued Crystal in tears. “Like I just felt like my boundaries were crossed and so I just felt sort of like my space was violated a little bit. It was weird.”

Was Sutton Stracke being creepy and weird ?

Those were the exact sentiments expressed by Crystal about her RHOBH costar during their chat.

The 35-year-old continued to express her recent interaction with Sutton during their conversation and remarked, “It was so creepy and weird.”

Sutton was clearly thrown off by the comment and she acknowledged that the moment was awkward, but didn’t like being called weird or creepy.

“There’s nothing creepy or weird about somebody knocking on your—I mean, I don’t know unless you were raised in a women’s prison maybe it would be creepy and weird, here are your prison outfit[s]. But what’s creepy and weird about returning a coat to somebody?” commented the Southern belle in her confessional.

The entire creepy and weird scene will play out tonight so tune in to see how it all goes down.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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