RHOBH: Garcelle Beauvais says she fears second season return after warning from Lisa Rinna

Garcelle talks return to RHOBH
Garcelle gets a warning from Lisa Rinna. Pic credit:@ImageCollect/Carrie-Nelson/Bravo

Garcelle Beauvais is having mixed feelings about returning for a second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And Lisa Rinna has something to do with her fear of coming back.

The mom-of-two joined the cast of Season 10 but we didn’t see much interaction between her and the cast until later in the season.

Nonetheless, her bluntness and large personality have been embraced by fans, although it may have gotten her in trouble with her RHOBH co-stars.

The dramatic season is coming to a close and the reunion has been filmed.

However, Garcelle is fearful about another season after seeing her friend Denise Richards being put through the wringer.

Last year Denise was embraced by the other housewives, but her second season has been rough, to say the least.

Now, Garcelle fears the same thing will happen to her and according to Lisa Rinna she has every reason to be scared!

Garcelle gets a warning from Lisa Rinna

The RHOBH newbie will most likely continue on this crazy journey, but she does have some reservations.

During an interview with EW Live on SiriusXM, the 53-year old shared her feelings about coming back.

And it seems her RHOBH cast mate Lisa Rinna has her feeling very scared.

“Rinna said, ‘Your first season is always nice and pleasant and the second one they come for you,” notes Garcelle during the interview.

She continued to dish about her conversation with Lisa saying,  “And I said ‘Is that a warning?’ and she said ‘Yes!’ So I’m a little scared.”

After watching Denise’s storyline play out this season, who could blame the actress for being a bit hesitant.

The blonde beauty has been facing affair allegations after Brandi Glanville revealed to the cast that they had an affair.

Denise –who recently married Aaron Phypers – has vehemently denied the allegations and has even sent a cease and desist letter to Glanville and to Bravo.

Garcelle won’t return to RHOBH without Denise

During the interview, Garcelle was asked the same thing we’ve all been wondering since the season started.

Will Denise return for another season after everything that just went down on the show?

Well, Garcelle hopes her friend will indeed return, but if she doesn’t come back it seems the single mom will make her exit in solidarity with her friend.

She states during the interview, “She’s like, ‘If you don’t come back, I’m not coming back,’ and I’m like, ‘and if you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.'”

So it seems the Hollywood actresses have a pack. And while we love seeing this level of loyalty, here’s hoping they will both return for another season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

I’m sorry but afraid of Rhina is the last thing I would think Garcelle would have a problem with. Garcelle can hold her own with all of these women. I think it is her costars on the show and maybe even Bravo, who would not like to see her return. Mainly because she speaks her mind and does not seem the type to back away from these bullies on the show. It is obvious that the ladies do not like her, even when she tries to defend them or speak up for them (Erika), she said what Erika and everyone else at that baby shower were thinking when Rhina, tried to once again insert her past role of ROXY on broadway. We all saw Erika’s face when Rhina made that statement, yet she seemed even more annoyed with Garcelle for speaking on it. BTW Rhina, how does telling a friend or acquaintance I Love You, make things an intimate relationship. I say it all the time to my friends, just as most of us do. We see it all the time on RHOBH, when all of you hug or say goodbye, you say I love you, honey so does that mean you all are intimate too. You really did stretch those text from 1 & 2 years ago. Reaching. I hope neither Garcelle nor Denise leave the show. Come back, if only to make the other mean girls very very uncomfortable. Their next target will not be Garcelle, it will be Sutton. Just saying. Lastly, I think Bravo only recruited Garcelle to keep up appearances. With the Black Lives Matter and everything else going on, this is their way of keeping the talk down on how Bravo likes tho keep the housewives franchise and a few other shows separate when it comes to race. I have always asked, why are there no black housewives in Beverly Hills, NY, Jersey, Texas, etc. Are there no white housewives in Atlanta, (after Kim) Potomac, White doctors for Married to Medicine. Bravo is very good at keeping the races apart. So Garcelle, don’t give them the satisfaction of leaving, let them all sweat.

Loraine H Perkins
Loraine H Perkins
3 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

No where did it says Garcelle is afraid or should be afraid of Lisa.! What article are you reading?