RHOBH alum Lisa Rinna warns against injectible treatment as critics point out ‘she ruined her face’

Lisa Rinna at the 2019 People's Choice Awards
Lisa Rinna’s latest appearance draws criticism. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Lisa Rinna has been busy making the fashion rounds since she left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and most recently she turned heads at the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards.

Video surfaced of the actress snapping photos on the red carpet and her appearance is drawing lots of criticism online.

The mom of two rocked a Victor & Rolf couture ensemble but no one was paying attention to her outfit.

It was Lisa’s face that had tongues wagging as her face appeared strangely tight and swollen.

After the clip was posted online, people commented on Lisa’s new look and reasoned that “she ruined her face.”

Meanwhile, Lisa’s latest look wasn’t intentional, and after seeing the comments online, she issued a warning to people about an injectable treatment that she had done.

The treatment promised hydration and glowing skin but instead, the former Bravo Housewife was left flawed and had to make her public appearance with a strange new look.

Critics are concerned that Lisa Rinna ‘ruined her face’

After the video was shared online, people had a lot to say as they wondered what the actress did to her face.

“She really needs to stop the surgeries she looks like her cheeks are made out of stone,” stated one commenter.

“I don’t like to judge – it’s an incredibly difficult and unforgiving business for women but I worry about doctors who would do this to a naturally beautiful face,” wrote someone else.

Instagram users question Lisa Rinna's new look
RHOBH fans shade Lisa Rinna. Pic credit: @pagesix/Instagram

One person wrote, “She ruined her face. Just why?”

Another added, “Her face is beginning to look like those dolls ventriloquist use. Scary.”

Lisa issues a warning to her social media followers

Meanwhile, the former RHOBH star is well aware that there’s something off with her face, and she posted about it in her Instagram Story.

The 60-year-old wanted a little touch-up before her red carpet appearance but things went terribly wrong after trying out a new treatment.

Lisa warned her Instagram followers writing, “Be aware. You guys don’t use skinvive don’t let any injectors say to you that it’s going to just make your skin glowing and hydrated.”

Lisa Rinna Instagram Story
Lisa Rinna warns against skin treatment. Pic credit: @lisarinna/Instagram

Lisa said she was told the treatment wouldn’t add volume to her face, but “It absolutely adds volume!”

“It added volume on me. I didn’t want that,” she continued. “Luckily we could dissolve it, which I did today thank God.”

How do you feel about Lisa’s changing appearance? Sound off in the comment section below.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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1 month ago

Just be you. I would rather see someone aging gracefully. There are never enough beauty treatments to turn back the hands of time to make any of us look like we are in our 20’s again.

1 month ago

Why mess up beauty. Aging is living and we all should let it happen naturally and gracefully. I hope this isn’t the permanent result of whatever you had done. If Hollywood doesn’t want you because you’re aging, then you accept you and love yourself.