RHOA viewers bash Kenya Moore for stirring up drama after bachelorette party with Bolo the stripper

Kenya Moore films for RHOA
Kenya Moore is getting shade for instigating the Bolo drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers slammed Kenya Moore after she instigated the Strippergate drama following Cynthia Bailey’s wild bachelorette party.

The majority of the women wanted what happened in the dungeon to stay in the dungeon, but Kenya didn’t feel the same way.

Even though the women turned off the cameras, Kenya heard moaning coming from the spare bedroom and claimed that two of the RHOA women were in there with the hired stripper Bolo.

Kenya was determined to figure out who it was while RHOA viewers thought she should’ve just minded her own business.

“Kenya has no life. I repeat, Kenya has no life. That is why she’s so worried about who potentially had sex with Bolo. Girl you are so tired. That’s why your transaction, I mean husband, doesn’t want you,” one viewer tweeted.

Another viewer didn’t appreciate how Kenya called the incident “disgusting.”

“Kenya out here saying how disgusted she was that someone slept with Bolo in the vacation house, yet she stood outside the door for 45 minutes listening to people moaning?! Bish, if you were disgusted you wouldn’t be listening to the whole damn time!!” The viewer exclaimed.

Most viewers could agree that Kenya was too uptight about the issue and shouldn’t have gone on about it as much as she did.

“Maybe Kenya needed some of what Bolo offered…so she won’t be so miserable,” one user offered as a solution for how Kenya could unwind.

RHOA viewers were not about Bolo court

Kenya initiated Bolo court the following morning to try to figure out which two women slept with him.

She may have acted like her mock court case was all in good fun, but Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers weren’t nearly as amused by it.

“Kenya is being a buzz killer with this pool side court edition. Girl you could have got you some of Bolo too,” one fan wrote.

Another fan pointed out that it was hypocritical for Kenya to hype up the incident. During the bachelorette party she spread her legs, rolled around on the floor and asked to bring Bolo back out.

“Kenya spreading her legs wide open for the world to see but she worried who smashed BOLO in private playing detective girl case dismissed,” the fan tweeted.

Fans think Kenya elaborated Bolo drama out of jealousy

Viewers have a theory about why Kenya made such a big deal out of the Bolo drama. Many think she was jealous of how much fun the other women had– especially the ones who shared private time with Bolo.

Kenya’s marriage is on the rocks and she came back from the trip to find out her husband Marc Daly was filing for divorce. Her intimate life has been suffering which could’ve lead to jealousy.

Additionally, LaToya Ali may have been involved in the incident and Kenya has even admitted to having a crush on LaToya.

While RHOA viewers were not thrilled with how she handled Strippergate, they do have her to thank for all the drama surrounding it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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