RHOA viewers are clowning Kenya Moore after she was uninvited to Porsha Williams’ party

Kenya Moore was uninvited from Porsha Williams' surprise party.
Kenya Moore was uninvited from Porsha Williams’ surprise party. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans couldn’t stop clowning Kenya Moore after she was uninvited to Porsha Williams’ surprise party.

The party was thrown by Porsha’s sister, Lauren, to celebrate Porsha’s activism efforts.

Usually, when someone is uninvited to a party, it evokes pity. However, fans did not feel that way toward Kenya.

Fans mostly supported Porsha Williams’ sister Lauren’s decision to not allow Kenya to come after the several toxic interactions Kenya and Porsha have had.

RHOA fans shade Kenya Moore

One fan can’t believe that Kenya even thought she was going to be invited after Kenya had been shading Porsha all episode.

“Kenya chatting soo much s**t about Porsha & then being upset she wasn’t invited to Porsha’s surprise party anymore is madness,” one fan wrote along with four laughing emojis.

Pic credit: @NalaMonroe/Twitter

Other fans think it’s hypocritical that Kenya had been shading Porsha for protesting for attention when that’s why she wanted to go to the party.

One fan pointed out that Lauren had every right to uninvite Kenya.

“I don’t blame Lauren for being apprehensive about inviting Kenya to her sis surprise party. Everyone knows what type of energy Kenya brings. It’s never good!!” the fan wrote.

Pic credit: @NieCourt/Twitter

Another fan doesn’t think Kenya should hold it against Porsha since Porsha wasn’t in control of the guest list.

“Why is Kenya so mad at Porsha when it was her surprise party and she had no say about who was invited? It was clear that she was surprised,” the fan notes.

How Kenya was uninvited from Porsha’s party

During the most recent episode of RHOA, Lauren was making the calls to invite friends to Porsha’s surprise party.

Lauren reached out to RHOA star Cynthia Bailey about attending.

When Cynthia asked if she could bring Kenya as a plus one, Lauren stiffly replied, “I mean, as long as she comes with good intentions.”

She continued, “I just want this to be all good vibes.”

Kenya claimed she was going to be on her best behavior for the party and even planned on bringing a belated birthday gift for Porsha’s daughter, PJ.

However, Lauren had a change of heart and told Cynthia that Kenya couldn’t come just hours before the party started.

“I got a text from Porsha’s sister Lauren saying that she was feeling a little apprehensive about you coming,” Cynthia told Kenya.

Cynthia then read the texts out loud: “I wouldn’t want to even chance ruining this night for P. Please don’t bring Kenya.”

Kenya told Cynthia that it didn’t bother her but she was visibly upset.

“Who would not take someone rescinding an invitation as an insult?” she said in a confessional interview.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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