RHOA stars Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss are happy with the Season 13 newbies

RHOA stars Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey both approve of the Season 13 newbies
Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss talk RHOA newbies. Pic credit: Kandi Online/YouTube

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back on our TV screens and already bringing the heat.

And not only do we have our favorite Atlanta ladies back but we also have three newbies added to the lineup

Actress Drew Sidora joins the cast as a full-time Housewife, while LaToya Ali and Falynn Guobadia round out the mix as friends of the show.

Viewers have had mixed reviews about the newbies, but it seems the OGs are more than happy to have them on board.

Or at least that’s the case for Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss.

The two friends recently gave their opinion about the current cast and they had nothing but glowing things to say.

Cynthia and Kandi speak on it

After Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss sat down with Cynthia Bailey for an episode of her YouTube show Speak on It.

The women delved into all the drama that has already occurred and what is still to come this season.

When they got to the topic of newbies, both women made it clear that they were happy with Drew, Falynn, and LaToya.

Drew Sidora has already been very open about her personal life during her short stint on the show and the OGs have certainly taken notice.

“I think that Drew definitely came in with her own vibe and her own flavor,” opined Cynthia. “We’ve been over here for a minute now. I don’t really feel she’s really like anyone else that’s come in the group.”

The former supermodel added, “She’s definitely different. I feel like she definitely owns her own in the group, without question….for the most part, she’s smart, she’s an independent thinker, she does her own thing and she has an opinion.”

The OGs talk LaToya and Falynn

During the Speak on It episode, The Atlanta Housewives continued to dish about the new girls.

We haven’t seen much of Falynn quite yet as she was introduced in episode three, so there’s a lot more to learn about her.

But, Kandi found the stunning newbie to be “Cool” and “Chill.”

Bailey commented, “Yeah I like her. I think she’s a beautiful girl, she has a beautiful home, seems like she has a beautiful family…I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.”

Last but not least though is LaToya Ali, who Kandi referred to as “Kenya [Moore]on steroids.”

Cynthia has already shared that Ali is a refreshing addition to the cast, and Kandi shares similar sentiments.

After all, Burruss was the one who actually brought Ali on the show, although she’s since become fast friends with Kenya.

But there are no hard feelings.

“I definitely realize that Kenya does not connect with a lot of people so I personally thought it was cool that she had somebody that she connected with like that so quickly,” said the RHOA star.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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