RHOA recap: Kenya Snubs Nene as the OG tries to comfort her during cast trip to Greece

Nene Leakes tries several times during the Greece trip to comfort Kenya, but is snubbed at every turn
Nene Leakes is snubbed by Kenya as she tries to comfort her in Greece. Pic credit: Bravo

Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta gave more insight into the nasty battle between Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes.

The episode picked up with the shocking divorce filing from Kenya’s husband, Marc Daly, just days after the couple hosted a charity event.

The news could not have come at a worse time for Kenya – who was co-hosting the cast trip to Greece along with Kandi Burruss.

Insight into Kenya’s divorce filing

As Kandi and Cynthia rushed over to comfort Moore upon hearing the news, she tearfully revealed how the divorce filing played out. And apparently, she was just as blindsided as we were.

Moore and Daly had a serious fight during the night of the charity event, which was not shown on camera. The argument continued as the two boarded their Uber, and it got so bad that the Uber driver asked Daly to exit the vehicle.

Kenya also told Marc not to come back to the house, given the angry state he was in.

Moore tearfully talks about her divorce to Kandi and Cynthia. Pic credit: Bravo

Moore says that the next day, her publicist informed her that Marc was about to release a statement that they were divorcing.

Another tidbit we found out is that Kenya found inappropriate messages from another woman to Marc, begging him to continue a sexual relationship with her.

Cast Trip to Greece

As the women pondered whether Kenya would make the trip, Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burrus asked them to be sensitive towards Kenya if she did decide to attend.

At the last minute, Kenya arrived, and the women were off to Greece!

Surprisingly, it was Nene Leakes in particular who tried her best to sympathize with the former beauty queen.

Unfortunately, her kindness was not acknowledged despite several attempts.

During the housewives’ first meal in Greece, the women gathered at their villa for a relaxing night. Nene tried to break the ice by asking Kenya about her puppies, but Kenya barely responded to her question.

During dinner, Nene tried once again by asking Kenya if she was doing okay, given the recent news.

Moore tearfully opened up to her castmates, eventually thanking everyone at the table for their kindness, except for Nene.

After dinner, Cynthia tried to organize a one-on-one with Leakes and Moore. Nene was more than willing, but once again, Kenya rejected the idea.

This was the final straw for the OG.

Nene talks to the women about getting snubbed by Kenya. Pic credit: Bravo

As the episode aired last night, Leakes took to social media with a tirade of angry tweets about Kenya, saying in part, “I don’t want to hear NOTHING from NOBODY concerning Ken. She sits, talks and thanks some who has done wayyyy more worst to her than I ever have! ”

In another tweet, the 51-year-old noted that Kenya’s friends asked the castmates to be sensitive to her situation, and yet she has never been sensitive towards others.

Nene also spoke about the situation during her confessional saying, “Kenya snubbed me at the table twice. She thought she could get under my skin. You didn’t get under my skin, girl.”

She continued, “She’s really a sad woman because it takes nothing to say thank you for at least trying.”

This intense feud will heat up as the cast trip continues. We’ve already seen a clip showing the two women almost coming to blows.

Make sure to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta this Sunday on Bravo at 8/7c. 

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