RHOA newbie Falynn Guobadia claps back at LaToya Ali, says ‘clearly she wants what I have’

RHOA newbie Falynn Guobadio and LaToya Ali are feuding
Falynn Guobadia and LaToya Ali on RHOA. Pic credit: Bravo

Falynn Guobadia has been very low key on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

But. the soft-spoken beauty clearly has another side to her that we haven’t seen.

The RHOA newbie is proving that she’s not one to sit back and take anyone’s shady comments.

And, she has a few words for fellow newbie LaToya Ali, who made an offensive remark about her in a previous episode.

What started the drama between LaToya Ali and Falynn Guobadia?

The outspoken Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie made a shady comment about Falynn a few weeks ago.

Upon meeting the Falynn for the first time, LaToya asked her about her husband, Simon’s age.

When she revealed Simon’s age to be 56, LaToya responded, “knew that!”

And when someone questioned her response, the Canadian-born YouTuber said to Falynn, “Because you look like you date older men with money.”

The women all laughed at the offensive comment, but Falynn was not amused.

The newbie didn’t say much to LaToya when the incident occurred, but she had a lot to say when the encounter was brought up in a recent interview.

Falynn Guobadia claps back at LaToya Ali

Falynn was a guest on Up And Adam recently and talks turned to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

We haven’t seen much of Falynn on RHOA so far, but she certainly had a memorable scene during her introduction to LaToya.

And not surprisingly, the awkward moment was discussed during the interview.

“It was beyond crazy,” said Falynn. “The old me would have probably responded in a crazy way but, you know it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.”

“It used to be offensive,” added the reality TV newbie. “Now it’s just, you know, I call them surface people. Yeah, they’re just surface people they can’t see beyond anything outside of what’s on the surface.”

Falynn Guobadia says LaToya Ali wants what she has

While chatting with the media outlet, the Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie threw some shade at LaToya.

“Well I think most of us know why she’s so unhappy,” noted the 31-year-old. “I mean it’s not like she hides her life… we can all see the type of person that she is.”

After alluding to LaToya’s pending divorce from her husband, Adam Ali, the former fashion model then added, “I wish her the best of luck in life.”

“And I truly hope that she finds what it is that I have. Because clearly, she wants what I have,” said Falynn.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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