RHOA: Kenya Moore reveals the reason why she sent LaToya Ali a nude photo of herself

LaToya Ali shows the RHOA cast a nude that Kenya Moore sent her.
LaToya Ali shows the RHOA cast a nude that Kenya Moore sent her. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star explains why she sent castmate LaToya Ali a nude picture.

LaToya eagerly showed off the steamy pic during the surprise engagement party that Kenya threw for Cynthia Bailey.

“Did y’all see Kenya’s sexy photo?” LaToya asks the table.

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“It was on my screensaver. Like you should be proud of this body,” LaToya boasts as she locates the picture on her phone.

Cynthia then references that this isn’t the first time LaToya has brought up the picture. She had also shown it off at the lingerie shop.

LaToya then presents the picture to the table as Kenya playfully begs her to put it away.

“Kenya’s a** all on my phone. Mhmm!” LaToya exclaims as all the women exchange appalled glances.

The women couldn’t contain their shock during their confessional interviews.

“I know the quarantine has definitely gotten people horny,” Kandi Burruss expresses. “But this is new and nude…what is happening?”

“Wow,” Porsha Williams states. “Maybe it’s been a blessing I haven’t been her friend this whole time, because I don’t know if I want to have a nude photo of Kenya.”

“This is very un-Kenya,” Cynthia adds.

Back at the table, the women ask LaToya how she got a naked picture of Kenya.

“I mean, she be sending me stuff,” LaToya replies.

The women then reiterated that LaToya had made the photo her screensaver.

“Exactly, “LaToya responds. “Her body is goals.”

Kenya later explains that she sent the pic to LaToya for a confidence boost.

“It’s just nice to have someone like LaToya around to make me feel sexy and vibrant and desirable.”

However, fans, and even castmates, think there might be something more between them

Kenya admits which women she would hook up with

Kenya continues to shock the women reveals the dirty thoughts she has had about the women.

“Listen, I’m gonna say this, and I will never speak of it again, that there are three ladies at this table that could get it,” Kenya announces.

Kenya quickly adds, “Porsha’s not on the list.”

“I’ll have her beat up in bed,” Porsha retorts referring to the physical altercation they had during Season 6.

“Kandi is one,” Kenya then confesses. “Honestly, I think it would be the best sex I’d never had.”

She then admits to LaToya and Cynthia being numbers two and three.

Fans don’t think LaToya and Kenya’s friendship will last for long

Even though LaToya and Kenya have become fast friends, fans don’t think that friendship will last for long.

Not only has Kenya been known to feud with her RHOA castmates, but the two have pointed out that they’re very similar.

“Why are we like twins?” LaToya asked while they were hanging out at Kenya’s house. “We’re like the same.”

“We cannot be friends because we are too shady together,” Kenya added later on.

Kandi even admitted that LaToya was like Kenya “on steroids.”

Viewers will have to watch and see whether their friendship flourishes or flops.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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