RHOA: Drew Sidora claps back at Marlo Hampton’s ‘body shaming’ comments about lipo

Drew Sidora
Drew Sidora claps back at Marlo Hampton’s lipo comment. Pic credit: ©

Is Marlo Hampton showing the wrong side of her peach? Or should Drew Sidora be worried about how she’s coming off?

The two The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are having the catfight of the season as they go after each other on and off social media.

It seemingly started on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live episode with Andy Cohen, but if you ask Marlo, Drew has been going after her for a while, too.

On Sunday, Andy asked Marlo why she’s “made fun of Drew’s body when you’ve gotten lipo?”

Marlo’s response? “Umm well, because Drew has Drop It by Drew which is for your body, and I feel if you have a Drop It by Drew or a body consultant business, your body should be banging. She should go get lipo.”

Drew is having none of the body shaming and took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to express her feelings about the situation.

Drew Sidora slams Marlo Hampton over lipo comment

Yesterday, Drew shared a text post via her Instagram Stories expressing her feelings about Marlo’s recent comments.

“I am sitting here in disbelief that [Marlo Hampton] would attack me’ by body shaming and attacking my weight at this crucial time in my life,” Drew wrote.

She added the issues that she’s currently dealing with: “Being a parent , going through a public divorce, public humiliation and just dealing with stressful emotional issues.”

She wasn’t thrilled that Marlo was “clearly attacking” her and called her out for her comments about her body, noting, “If you feel this way about me at this size, I can only imagine what you think about women of all sizes who have weight challenges, illnesses or eating disorders due to comments like yours.”

Drew Sidora's Instagram Story
Drew Sidora calls out Marlo Hampton. Pic credit: @drewsidora/Instagram

Marlo Hampton responds to Drew Sidora’s call-out post

After Drew’s scathing post, Marlo responded with her own Instagram Story share.

“[Drew Sidora] you have gone around stating bold face lies about me for almost a year now. Anyone who knows me, knows how Anti Drug I am. So many members of my family suffer from substance abuse issues to this day.”

She continued, adding that she “vowed to stay away from drugs” and doesn’t even like taking standard pain pills, such as the ones given after a dental procedure.

“I have watched you assassinate my character all season. Your words have been absolutely disgusting to and about me this past year. Stop it. I laughed to mask the pain,” Marlo concluded in her own post.

Marlo's Instagram Story
Marlo responds to Drew. Pic credit: @marlohampton/Instagram

It sounds like these two ladies have some work cut out for them if they ever want to be on friendly terms. Or perhaps it’s Andy Cohen who has the work cut out for him to fix this — we’ll have to wait and see as time passes.

Regardless, it didn’t stop Marlo from sharing a somewhat shady post on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

Marlo Hampton gets shady with her latest share

After the two ladies called each other out via Instagram Stories on Monday, things were pretty quiet until Tuesday morning.

Though Drew has kept herself out of the drama, Marlo shared a post that seemingly shaded their current situation.

“Today’s message,” the post started. “Accept people as they are, but place them where they belong. You are the CEO of your life. Hire, fire & promote accordingly.”

Marlo's Tuesday IG share
Marlo’s somewhat shady Instagram Stories share from Tuesday. Pic credit: @marlohampton/Instagram

Is Marlo looking to fire Drew from her life? Only time will tell!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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