Rescue Ready on Shark Tank: Norfolk Firefighters share what makes this window escape ladder special — Here’s where you can get one

Rescue Ready on Shark Tank is a escape ladder people can keep in their homes.
Two Norfolk firefighters came up with a product that can save lives. Pic credit: ABC

Rescue Ready on Shark Tank is a window escape ladder created by two Norfolk firefighters in the hopes of saving lives.

Norfolk Fire-Rescue’s Brett Russell and Eric Hartsfield will pitch their product to the sharks to secure more capital for a device that will help keep homeowners and renters safe.

It is not only easy to install, but the escape ladder can be attached to any building.

The two men have over 25 years of experience with the Norfolk fire department and they know first-hand what works and what does not work in home fires.

What is Rescue Ready?

Rescue Ready is a unique fire escape ladder that a person can easily use even if their home or apartment is filled with smoke. According to the company’s website, over 2,500 people die from fires each year.

The number was too high for Brett and Eric, who became determined to do something about it.

In a fire, people have minutes — at the most — to escape to safety. Rescue Ready was developed because most victim fatalities occur when the person is trying to escape.

The ladder can hold up to 750 pounds and is made out of aluminum and nylon webbing. It is conveniently placed at the bottom window sash.

Eric and Brett claim the installation process is as easy as installing a flat-screen television. The ladder is adjustable in length too.

Rescue Ready products can be preordered on Kickstarter. The site says the two entrepreneurs are waiting on a patent.

They have been developing the ladder for nearly four years and are ready to get it on the market.

Along with appearing on Shark Tank to seek financial help, the guys are hoping to partner with window manufacturers that can help them sell the product too.

More than just a rescue ladder

There is so much more to Rescue Ready than the ladder. Brett and Eric take immense pride in also teaching safety tips that apply to before and during a fire.

The ladder isn’t the only product the guys have created. They also have a book called Rescue Ready with Dottie and Cruz that was inspired by families who underwent fires.

Dottie and Cruz are two miniature Australian Shepherds who survived a house fire and are on a mission to educate families.

It seems like a no brainer that at least one of the business moguls on Shark Tank would want to invest in Rescue Ready.

In addition to Rescue Ready, a new chocolate milk product from Slate will be featured in the new episode.

Shark Tank airs Wednesdays at 10/9c and Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Ann Klesmit
Ann Klesmit
2 years ago

I almost killed my special needs adult son this week when I started a kitchen fire and had to run upstairs to get him. The smoke was engulfing everything and that big box ladder was on the bottom of his closet and tangled. I own my house and the windows are current. I agree with Lori- I need one to mount at his window….. please make that version asap.