Reality Steve will interview the woman who exposed Yosef as a two-timing player

RS and Yosef
Reality Steve will interview the woman who exposed Yosef. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram and ABC

Yosef stole the attention on The Bachelorette during the first 20 minutes because of his confrontation with Clare Crawley.

During an earlier episode, Clare had a group date where she asked the guys to strip during a game of dodgeball.

Even though Clare has hinted that production were the ones who had set up the strip twist, Yosef thought it was her.

And he decided to put her on blast, saying that she was not the kind of woman who would be a good example for his daughter.

Yosef was exposed on Tik Tok

Reality Steve had reported before the show aired that Yosef had made some comments that would make him look bad on television and to his daughter.

But what fans couldn’t predict was that a woman would come forward last week, claiming that he had made her think that they had a future together – and had then been caught two-timing her.

Now, Reality Steve is revealing that he’s interviewing Carly Hammond who will get to tell her story to the king of Bachelor spoilers.

Reality Steve
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

In his tweet where he shared the news, Reality Steve shared a message for Yosef, “stop using your daughter as a crutch, Yosef. It’s embarrassing.”

It was Friday last week that we reported that Carly had exposed him on Tik Tok. She didn’t mention him by name, but it didn’t take Steve long to confirm the rumors that it was, indeed, Yosef.

She claimed that they had texted and they had talked about the future. However, he was caught sending an inappropriate video via Snapchat to another woman. Whoops!

Yosef made ridiculous comments on The Bachelorette

Given what Carly has confirmed about Yosef, it’s hard to watch the scene with Clare Crawley. Yosef kept telling her that he would never strip down for a dodgeball game to impress someone.

He made ridiculous comments to Clare about her being a bad example for his daughter, saying that he would never have kids with her.

He infamously yelled, “I expected more from the oldest Bachelorette,” and he questioned her maturity.

And then, he continued to make references to being a good example to his daughter, so it will be interesting to see how these comments will backfire when Carly spills the beans on their online romance via Snapchat and text messages.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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