Reality Steve confuses Bachelor fans with post about women wanting to quit

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is currently filming The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve is known for spoiling all seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise. For years, he’s shared filming events as they happen, and he always reveals who wins in the end before the show even starts airing.

He is known for being the one with the most knowledge about the show. But Steve also covers other shows, including Temptation Island. So, when he shared an update with fans a few days ago, people were confused. He didn’t clarify what show he was referring to at the end, making fans think that he was talking about Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

In the tweet, Steve wrote that he thought that every woman “would rather throw up non-stop into buckets” than to continue filming the show. Since he didn’t specify what show he was talking about, people thought he was talking about Peter.

However, earlier in the evening, Reality Steve revealed that Temptation Island was on that night.

He has already spoiled some things about Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Not only was Peter recently injured while filming, but he has also talked about how there are pageant women on the show who will cause some drama. In addition, one of Peter’s women dated one of the musicians, who was hired by producers to serenade them on set.

Based on Steve’s tweets, it sounds like some of the women are still very much involved with Peter and are willing to stay to fight for him. They are currently filming Episode 7, which means they are getting closer to that final rose and the proposal that will change Peter’s life. Right now, it’s expected that his season will wrap around Thanksgiving and the season will premiere in January 2020.

The Bachelor is expected to return in January 2020.

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