Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 filming has started — Who is coming back?

Meredith Marks during the Season 1 RHOSLC reunion.
Meredith Marks will be back for Season 2 despite intense first season. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City had an intense freshman season.

From over the top parties to hurtful comments, the women appeared to be made for television.

When the Season 2 renewal announcement came, viewers weren’t surprised. The dynamic within the group was just heating up, and with a three-part reunion taped for the first season, it was clear that there was way more to explore.

Now, filming for Season 2 is reportedly underway and it looks like viewers will find out which ladies decided to return for another shot at redemption, especially the ones who had a tough go-round at the reunion.

Which RHOSLC ladies are back?

It looks like all of the ladies have been asked back for a second season.

While viewers believed that several of the women would return, it is a bit surprising to learn that Mary Cosby has decided to continue on. She pulled away from the group during filming, which left a void in the group.

Meredith Marks has been a standout housewife this season. What happened in her marriage, her children being put front and center, and the gossiping among her friends took a toll on the Utah beauty, She has chosen to disengage with a lot of it, but filming a second season may see her open up a bit more.

Jen Shah is back again as well, and she is the one who was the most talked-about during Season 1. Her outbursts and reactions to situations were addressed by viewers all over social media. Now, she will get a chance to redeem herself.

Lisa Barlow is all business, sharing her drive with viewers along the way. She is obviously friends with Jen and Meredith, though it will be interesting to see where they landed following the Season 1 reunion.

And finally, Heather Gay and Whitney Rose have made names for themselves. Watching Heather break out of her shell as each new episode aired and in the appearances she had following the show on podcasts, showed that something changed in her from experiencing her first season. Whitney still has some work to do as her popularity is somewhere between loved and hated.

When will Season 2 of RHOSLC air?

If Season 2 filming for RHOSLC goes smoothly, it is likely viewers will see the second season debut later this year.

The timing of events may be different because it looks like filming recent started back up, and Season 1 took place through the winter in Utah. Sundance was also a part of last season, which was filmed ahead of the coronavirus pandemic. This season, things will look different than what viewers saw before.

For now, confirmation that Season 2 is underway is about all that is certain. As the ladies get spotted and things are shared to social media, a better picture of what is to come will be available.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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