Real Housewives of Dallas: Here’s when to tune in and what to expect from Season 5

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 premiers in January
RHOD returns in January for Season 5. Pic credit: Peter Larsen/Bravo

The Dallas Housewives are officially back – with a fabulous new addition in tow.

Season 5 will star OG Brandi Redmond and her bestie Stephanie Hollman, along with Kameron Westcott, Kary Brittingham, and D’Andra Simmond.

One person who won’t be returning is former cast member LeeAnn Locken, who exited the show after a very rough season.

However, there will be two new faces in the mix to stir things up in Dallas.

Dr. Tiffany Moon will be a full-time cast member and judging from the trailer, she is not afraid to stir things up.

Jennifer Davis Long will also join the cast in a friend role.

So, what can we expect from the Dallas cast when RHOD returns on January 5?

Stephanie Hollman

Stephanie Hollman returns for Season 5 of RHOD
Stephanie Hollman. Pic credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

We’ll see Stephanie Hollman launch her own foundation when the season returns, despite her husband Travis doubting her ability to follow through.

There will be some tensions for the husband and wife duo, as seen in the teaser for Season 5, where Stephanie tells Travis, “I feel like you do not take me seriously.”

He says, “Probably true.”

Brandi Redmond

Brandi Redmond returns to RHOD for Season 5
Brandi Redmond. Pic credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Brandi Redmond has gone through a lot these past few months, and some of it will play out on the show.

Brandi will have to face some past mistakes after an old video resurfaces that shows her doing a racist impersonation of an Asian person. The backlash she received since the video was released led to the 42-year-old checking herself into a wellness center earlier this year.

The OG will have to answer to newcomer Tiffany Moon, who is of Asian descent and seems to call Brandi out on the racist video.
In the clip, Tiffany can be seen confronting Brandi and saying,  “What you did was wrong, you know that!”

“I contemplated suicide,” Brandi later confessed.

Dr. Tiffany Moon

Tiffany Moon is the newest cast member on RHOD
Dr. Tiffany Moon. Pic credit: Jonathan Zizzo/Bravo

The RHOD newcomer was born in a small town outside of Beijing, China, but moved to the United States at the age of six.

The product of extreme “Tiger Parents,” Tiffany Moon graduated college at 19 and medical school at 23, where she finished in the top 10 percent of her class.

Throughout Season 5, we will see her struggle to balance between being a wife with being a mother to five-year-old twin girls, all while having a demanding job as a frontline worker during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tiffany is also friends with D’Andra Simmons and we will see the dynamics of their friendship on the show.

D’Andra Simmons

D'Andra Garcia returns for Season 5 of RHOD
D’Andra Simmons. Pic credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

It seems there’s still tension simmering between D’Andra and her mom that will continue to play out this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

The brunette beauty also tries to reconcile with a side of her family that she has been estranged from for several years.

D’Andra enlists the help of a Shaman as she tries to tap into her sensitive side and become a more forgiving person. But this will be put to the test when she faces off with her castmate Kary Brittingham.

Kary Brittingham

Kary Brittingham returns for Season 5 of RHOD
Kary Brittingham. Pic credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

We will get to learn more about second season alum Kary Brittingham. She will open up more about her chaotic childhood as she tries to heal the wounds from her past.

Kary is also trying to rebuild her relationship with her mother but is fearful of mirroring her mom’s mistakes. As the pandemic plays out on the show, the feisty Mexican beauty will have a new perspective on what is most important in her life.

Kameron Westcott

Kameron Westcott returns for RHOD Season 5
Kameron Westcott Pic credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The lover of all things pink will butt heads with newcomer Tiffany Moon this season.

Kameron also finds her dream home this season but must sell her urgently sell her current home before it slips away. Unfortunately, her husband Court keeps the RHOD alum out of the loop and we’ll see the mom-of-two struggle to be treated as an equal by her husband.

Jennifer Davis Long

Jennifer Davis Long joins RHOD in a friend role
Jennifer Davis Long. Pic credit: Jonathan Zizzo/Bravo

All we know is that Jennifer will join the Dallas cast as a friend of the show, but to learn more about the new addition, we’ll have to tune in when Season 5 returns.

The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 premieres Tuesday, January 5 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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