Raven Gates Gottschalk gets to celebrate her first-ever Mother’s Day

Raven Gates Gottschalk
Raven Gates Gottschalk celebrates her first Mother’s Day. Pic credit: ABC

Raven Gates made her appearance in Bachelor Nation when she was on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

While she was runner-up there, she did come out on top on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise when she found love with her current husband, Adam Gottschalk.

The two married and recently had a son in January of this year, whom they named after Raven’s maiden name, Gates.

Now Raven will be celebrating her first-ever Mother’s Day with her husband and Baby Gates this coming Sunday, May 8, 2022.

What have been Raven Gates’ favorite and most surprising things about motherhood?

In an interview with, Raven talked about life as a new mom. Raven relayed, “It’s definitely a roller coaster, and I’ve had to find mine and the baby’s rhythms. It’s a lot of adjusting but something I was completely ready for!”

When asked what has surprised her the most about motherhood, Raven answered, “I think sometimes I’m still in shock that I created a human. I know women do it all of the time, but until you experience it, it really is an unknown feeling that you have of love!!”

She then announced that her favorite part of being a mom is all of the little milestones a baby has along the way. Raven declared, “I love the day he smiled, I love the day he giggled, and I love the day that he rolled over on his own.”

How has motherhood changed Raven, what does she most look forward to, and what advice does she have?

While Raven has loved having Baby Gates and being a mom, she did say that it has made her much more emotional than she ever was before. She also said having a baby has made her view life in an entirely new and different way.

Raven commented about how much she loves the baby stage, but she also can’t wait to see what Gates looks like as he grows, what he’s into, and how he develops into his own little person.

She also said when talking about Gates, “It’s so important for me that Gates always knows that I love him. And I hope he looks at me as a very loving mother because I think the love of a parent is something that is irreplaceable!”

If she had to give advice to new parents, Raven stated that she would tell them that they will need to be balanced between structure and go with the flow because you never know what kind of child you will have and what each day will bring.

Bachelor Nation is so excited and happy for Raven and Adam and their new family of three. Happy Mother’s Day to Raven and all the mothers out there!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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