Randall Emmett lashes out at Jax Taylor, claims former Vanderpump Rules star ‘threatened’ him over failed investment

Randall Emmett and Jax Taylor on the red carpet.
Randall has called out Jax over money owed to Vanderpump Rules alum. Pic credit: ©

Randall Emmett isn’t here for Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor claiming he owes him thousands of dollars.

There’s no love lost between Jax and Randall, that’s for sure, and it isn’t just about Lala Kent.

For months, Jax has been touting that the disgraced movie producer owes him $75,000 from a loan.

Andy Cohen asked Jax and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, about it during their appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where he spilled some details.

However, when Lala came on their podcast, When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany, Jax admitted he was looking into legal action against Randall to get his money back.

Now Randall has clapped back, calling Jax a liar and declaring he was threatened by the Vanderpump Rules alum.

Randall Emmett lashes out at Jax Taylor

Today via his It’s a Racquet podcast, Randall came for Jax after admitting he was shocked by Jax’s actions. It turns out Randall thought he and Jax were friends as well as business colleagues.

According to Randall, Jax invested $300,000 into one of his film projects, which made it a business deal, not a loan. However, the film never came to light and fell apart, with Jax losing $75,000.

“He then went on and started threatening me that if I didn’t pay him the balance back, me, personally, not the company that took the money for a project, that he was gonna out me publicly and this and that,” Randall expressed.

The movie producer was caught off guard by Jax’s version of this story and threats against Randall.

“I was like, ‘Dude, we’re friends; why are you threatening me? It’s disgusting.’ So then he’s acting like he doesn’t know what happened. He didn’t know what was going on,” Randall stated.

The father of three further added that Jax was taking his victim story too far and was anything but a victim. Randall admitted he wanted to take care of Jax but also doesn’t feel like he personally has to pay back the debt because it was business.

Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor under fire from Randall Emmett

When The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing, and Vanderpump dropped, Jax amped up telling his story of dealing with Randall and the money owed to him.

Although Randall didn’t address the Hulu documentary that exposed his ruthless side, he did keep on attacking Jax for his behavior.

“The part where Jax goes off and says I took and [tries] to keep bashing me in the press, like, you know that that’s not the story, and you know that that version is a fairytale, and that’s it,” he added.

Randall explained Jax begged Randall to let him invest in movie projects because Jax didn’t have a job after Vanderpump Rules. Lala’s ex-fiancé continued that Jax had invested in Randall’s films before, and it was always an investment, not a loan.

At the end of the day, Randall Emmett feels Jax Taylor is a grown man who made an investment that didn’t work out, plain and simple.

Stay tuned because Jax will no doubt have a response to Randall’s latest words.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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