Ramona Singer says ‘I am in!!’ after RHONY fans suggest she replace Kim Cattrall on Sex and the City

Ramona Singer wants to replace Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City reboot.
One fan has suggested Ramona Singer would be a great Samantha on Sex and the City revival. Pic credit: Bravo

It seems Ramona Singer is willing to step in after a Real Housewives of New York City fans suggest she replace Kim Cattrall on Sex and the City reboot.

Days ago, news broke that HBO Max plans on giving Sex and the City a revival. However, the new series will not feature the iconic character of Samantha Jones.

Kim has made no secret of her feelings regarding playing the character again. The actress has put Samantha and the rest of the crew in her past. As fans know, Kim was the reason a third Sex and the City movie never came to fruition.

One reason Kim has no desire to revisit Sex and the City is the tension between her and Sarah Jessica Parker. Plus, the actress admits she played Samantha long past her prime.

Now new names are being thrown into the mix, one of which is RHONY cast member Ramona.

Is this for real or a joke?

The Instagram fan account @facesbybravo shared a post with a photo talking about Kim Cattrall opening up about not returning to Sex and the City. It also suggested that Ramona was a modern-day Samantha, including several pictures of the two ladies side by side.

“And if her acting is anything like her catwalk?!?” was the caption on the post.

It didn’t take long for Ramona to see the message and respond, “I am in!!”

Fans certainly got a kick out of the photos, with some comments even saying they would watch Ramona as a Samantha replacement.


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However, some couldn’t tell if this was a serious suggestion or a joke. Comments were blasting Ramona as a “prude,” something Samantha Jones definitely was not

Other Real Housewives New York City suggestions

Those who didn’t think Ramona would make a good Samantha decided to spout off another possible RHONY replacement for Samantha.

Sonja Morgan was at the top of the list. Fans thought Sonja was much more suited to play Samantha because she was more open-minded than Ramona. Samantha was most definitely a character that was pretty much up for anything.


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Ramona Singer as a replacement for Samantha on Sex and the City certainly got fans’ attention.

As for Kim Cattrall, she previously stated she felt the character should be recast with a non-white actress. Kim spilled it was time for Samantha to be taken in another direction to add a new dimension to the character.

What are your thoughts on Ramona as Samantha Jones?

The Real Housewives of New York City is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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