Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss sues Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix after Scandoval turned her life upside down

Rachel Leviss at a Vanderpump event
Rachel Leviss is suing her ex Tom Sandoval, and her former friend, Ariana Madix. Pic credit: ©

Rachel “Raquel” Leviss has filed a lawsuit against her ex, Tom Sandoval, and her former friend, Ariana Madix.

The scandal of Rachel and Tom having a months-long affair while Ariana was none the wiser made headlines for months. It was dubbed “Scandoval,” and many Vanderpump Rules cast members profited from the pop culture event.

Rachel filed the lawsuit against Tom and Ariana on Thursday, February 29, in Los Angeles, California.

She did not return to Vanderpump Rules following Season 10, and Season 11 is currently playing out on Bravo. Rachel mentioned the show and the production company in the suit but is only suing Tom and Ariana.

The lawsuit was filed over allegations of eavesdropping, revenge porn, and invasion of privacy.

No one could have predicted the magnitude of what would happen when the affair was revealed, and it rocked Rachel’s world.

In the lawsuit, Rachel alleges there is more to the story than Vanderpump Rules viewers saw.

Rachel Leviss’ lawsuit claims she was one of the ‘most hated women’ in America

In the lawsuit filing obtained by PEOPLE, Rachel “Raquel” Leviss alleges she was subject to a “public skewering” and became one of the “most hated” women in America.

The response to what happened between Rachel and Tom Sandoval behind Ariana Madix’s back was extreme on both sides. Ariana had so much support, which led her to make substantial money on offers and sponsorships following her wider notoriety.

Rachel alleges that Ariana “distributed, disseminated, and discussed publicly” the video Tom had recorded of the two on FaceTime without her knowledge. The former Vanderpump Rules star also alleges that she was the “victim of the predatory and dishonest behavior of an older man” and the video was “without her knowledge or consent.”

Rachel ‘Raquel’ Leviss has beef with Bravo and Evolution Media

Despite not suing the network or production company, they are mentioned several times throughout the lawsuit.

Rachel Leviss claims she was tricked into believing she was “contractually barred from speaking out about her mistreatment.” However, the way she was eviscerated during the Vanderpump Rules reunion was highly discussed on social media and was put on a public platform for everyone to see.

There’s also a mention of the profit the other parties allegedly reaped as Rachel “suffered in silence.” She is referring to Ariana Madix and Lala Kent reportedly making a profit on Scandoval, including the now infamous “Send it to Darrell” merch.

The lawsuit says, “Meanwhile, Leviss, who was humiliated and villainized for public consumption, remains a shell of her former self, with her career prospects stunted and her reputation in tatters.”

Rachel wants, “compensatory, special, general and consequential damages, Leviss seeks that Madix and Sandoval cease distribution and destroy all copies made of the alleged explicit video. She also asks that her attorney fees be compensated and the court provide other and further relief deemed as just and proper,” according to the lawsuit.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 month ago

Good luck Rachel 👍 it’s been terrible to read and watch the bullying horrendous time for them to pay