Rachel Lindsay expresses disappointment in Hannah Brown: Did her PR team tell her to ditch a talk with Rachel?

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay continues to speak out about Hannah Brown. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Lindsay has continued to speak out about Hannah Brown’s recent decision to use the n-word while singing a song. The Bachelor and Bachelorette alums have publicly discussed the issue quite a bit since it happened.

While Hannah initially denied using the word, it was clear that she muttered it during an Instagram Live.

At the time, Hannah apologized, saying that she didn’t and wouldn’t say the word, but when presented with the video evidence, she issued a longer apology. Since that apology, she’s stayed silent.

Recently, Rachel revealed that she has made efforts to get Hannah to speak publicly about the incident but has not been successful.

Rachel Lindsay says she tried to talk to Hannah Brown

A new Instagram post  shared by @bacheloring and later re-shared by @bachsleuthers speculates that Hannah didn’t end up talking to Rachel as planned because she was advised by her PR team not to.

The post reveals that Rachel went on Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files and talked about the attempted public discussion with Hannah. It says that Rachel and Hannah had talked via calls, text messages, and direct messages online.

They reportedly both wanted to do a live talk together, and Rachel pointed out that Hannah was embarrassed and remorseful about the incident.

Rachel revealed that the plan was to have Hannah to do an on-camera apology on Instagram Live. Rachel would later join the Live conversation to educate Hannah and further discuss the issue.

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay dishes her thoughts on Hannah Brown. Pic credit: @bachsleuthers/Instagram

However, that never happened- the account concludes that Hannah made a statement instead of participating in the live with Rachel because that’s what she was advised to do by her PR team.

Hannah issued a second apology on her Instagram Live, which has since expired.

We previously reported that Hannah had considered talking with Rachel but then backed out, but we didn’t know why at the time.

Rachel continues to talk about the incident and fans want to hear from Hannah

Rachel wants Hannah to speak out about what happened, a desire echoed by fans.

While some Bachelor and Bachelorette stars and fans have shown support for Hannah, others want more from her. Those fans have repeatedly asked Hannah to speak out, saying that her silence is a failure to accept responsibility.

At the present time, Hannah is staying at her parents’ home in Alabama.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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