Rachel Lindsay deactivates her Instagram: Bryan Abasolo and Becca Kufrin both speak out about her decision

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay has deactivated her Instagram. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay has made a bold move.

After receiving hateful messages for calling out Chris Harrison for defending Rachael Kirkconnell’s photo from 2018, she had enough.

She decided to pull the plug on her Instagram account.

While many Bachelor fans were saddened with her decision to leave the social network behind, she is getting support from her fellow Bachelor Nation stars.

Rachel Lindsay has deactivated her Instagram account

One person who was quick to speak out about her decision to pull the plug was her husband, Bryan Abasolo. He revealed he was very proud of her and stood by her decision to delete her account.

“I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you and I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. Keep going and never stop being you and fighting for what’s right,” Bryan revealed on his own social media, sharing a photo of them together.

He also shared cute emojis, showing himself and Rachel with a red heart. He used the hashtag, #RnB for Rachel and Bryan.

Another person close to Rachel who spoke out about her decision was her Bachelor Happy Hour co-host, Becca Kufrin.

“I love you, I stand by you and I support you in whatever way, shape or form that’s needed,” Becca wrote directly to Rachel before writing a longer statement.

“This is simply not okay. For the keyboard warriors, get a clue,” Becca wrote to the people who wrote harsh messages to Rachel.

“Channel that energy for actual positive change. For those with type-happy fingers or who think it’s okay to spew hatred on social channels need to begin to recognize other people’s humanity and realize that words carry weight. Think about the impact that they can leave for the person on the receiving end. The fact that my friend Rachel had to deactivate her personal Instagram account due to extreme hate and harassment is so incredibly disheartening and deranged.”

Rachel Lindsay has been vocal throughout an uphill battle in Bachelor Nation

Rachel has long been speaking up about racism that has continued to be prevalent in Bachelor Nation. Rachel often talked about it, including how executives never chose a person of color as the lead for The Bachelor.

That changed this summer when ABC announced they would be going with Matt James for the 2021 season of The Bachelor.

Many people within Bachelor Nation have been vocal about their support for Rachel and her decision to call out Chris. About a week ago, Rachel revealed that her husband had been very supportive throughout everything, revealing that they had talked frequently about everything that had surfaced.

Other than the issues within Bachelor Nation, Rachel has also talked about relationships within the franchise. Recently, she talked about Dale Moss and Clare Crawley.

Rachel broke her silence, saying that Dale used Clare for fame. Rachel also shared that Clare hadn’t told her she was planning on seeing Dale just weeks later, hinting that Clare wasn’t planning on taking him back.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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