Rachel Beaver’s heartbreaking miscarriage plays out on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant finale

Rachel Beaver of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant
Rachel Beaver suffered a miscarriage. Pic Credit: MTV
Rachel Beaver of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant
Rachel Beaver suffered a miscarriage. Pic Credit: MTV

On this season’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, viewers followed Rachel, Brianna, Ashley, Kayla, and Kiaya as they handled parenting at a young age.

Kayla, Ashley, and Brianna were returning from last season, while Rachel and Kiaya were new additions. The two newcomers replaced Jade Cline, who is now on Teen Mom OG, and Lexi Tatman, who is no longer on the series.

For Rachel Beaver, the season was especially dramatic; neither she nor her sister Malorie knew who the fathers of their children were.

Rachel’s daughter Hazelee was born February 22 of last year, when Rachel was 16. Hazelee arrived just months after Malorie’s daughter Emerson.

Rachel believed that Hazelee’s father was either Jakob, whom she was dating at the time of Hazelee’s birth or her ex-boyfriend Drew. Rachel tended to suspect that Drew was the father based on Hazelee’s due date, but never went through with a DNA test to confirm.

The tension surrounding Hazelee’s paternity plagued Rachel and Jakob’s relationship, and the two ultimately broke up.

Unlike Rachel, Malorie did go through with a paternity test to identify Emerson’s father, who turned out to be Malorie’s abusive ex, Lane.

A new relationship for Rachel

After Rachel and Jakob ended things, Rachel began dating Koty. Despite her mother’s advice, Rachel refused to go on birth control and quickly became pregnant.

For Rachel, the pregnancy wasn’t welcome news — she said she felt like “the dumbest b**ch on this earth” for getting pregnant again.

News of the pregnancy brought Rachel’s mother, Stephanie, to tears. Stephanie worried that Rachel wouldn’t be able to care for two children, especially considering that Rachel had neither a license nor a high school diploma.

Koty promised to be a present father for the baby and a good stepfather for Hazelee, so while the couple was initially surprised at the news, they looked forward to welcoming the new baby.

A tragic outcome

Shortly after Rachel found out she was pregnant, she experienced bleeding. Suspecting an emergency, Rachel’s doctor advised her to come in that day.

Rachel, Koty, and Stephanie got to the appointment, where they learned that they had lost the baby.

Due to complications from the miscarriage, Rachel needed a procedure that would require her to go under. While the procedure went well and Rachel has safely recovered, the situation was heartbreaking for the whole family.

Rachel and Koty have no plans to try for another baby — during the procedure, Rachel asked to have an IUD put in for birth control. More recently, the couple broke up, which we may hear more about at the reunion.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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