Pump Rules: Will Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor return to the show?

Former VPR star Brittany Cartwright.
Brittany Cartwright shares if she and Jax Taylor would consider returning to Vanderpump Rules. Pic credit: Bravo

Since announcing their exit from Vanderpump Rules prior to the filming of Season 9, Brittany Cartwright and her husband Jax Taylor have kept their fans and followers on pins and needles as to what their next move will be.

The announcement that both Brittany and Jax would be departing the franchise came in 2020 and on the heels of several other Pump Rules stars being fired from the show. Stars including Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were among those let go from Vanderpump Rules following their involvement in allegations of racism against former co-star Faith Stowers.

In a recent appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, Brittany revealed if she and Jax would consider making a return to the show if an invite were extended to them from Bravo.

Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright reveals if she and Jax Taylor would consider a return to the show

While speaking to host David Yontef, Brittany shared that she had heard the rumors swirling online that Bravo was considering bringing back some of the show’s OG stars, including Jax and Stassi.

“I have heard that. I have heard it. But I don’t know,” she confirmed.

When asked if she would agree to return to the show should the invite be extended to them, Brittany stated she was unsure if Jax would consider coming back to the show after being away for Season 9, and ultimately she would follow his lead.

“I think that would be up to Jax because for me if he did it, I would do it, you know, but he’s a little bit more hard-headed than me,” she confessed. “So he might be like, I don’t know, after not being on it for a whole season, I feel like it [would] kind of be a little bit weird for him.”

She continued to share that despite his stubbornness, she couldn’t ignore the fact that some of their closest loved ones still appear on the show.

“But at the same time, some of our best friends are still on the show and you know, that was a huge part of our life. And we’re, you know, are so very grateful for that experience. I don’t want anybody to ever think that we’re not like so grateful for what, like, Bravo and Lisa [Vanderpump] and Vanderpump Rules and everything did for us,” she continued. “But I don’t know. That would be Jax’s decision. So I’ll just say that.”

Brittany admits she suffers from FOMO since leaving the show

Although Jax may be reluctant to come back to the Vanderpump Rules cast, Brittany openly admitted she does “miss it sometimes.”

“I felt kind of FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] whenever I would see like my friends together and we weren’t there on stuff. I was like, ‘this is so weird.’ You know?” she stated.

There’s no confirmation as to whether or not an invitation to return may be coming their way; however, Jax recently indicated he, Brittany, and their son Cruz might be making a move across the country to Florida.

Only time will tell where the family of three will settle.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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