Proven Skincare on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes it special and where to buy it

Proven Skincare making their pitch on the ABC show
Proven Skincare making their pitch on Shark Tank. Pic credit: @provenskincare/Instagram

Shark Tank will air a special episode this week on Wednesday night on ABC, and again on Friday.

Viewers will see a new crop of contestants vying for the chance to gain monetary investment for their company, in hopes of expanding.

Among the list of viable businesses that we’ll see tonight is Proven Skincare, a company that customizes its products for different skin types.

However, before they grace our tv screens, let’s learn a little more about the company.

About Proven Skincare

Founder and CEO, Ming Zhao, used her issues with “difficult skin” to create a formula to help others with similar issues.

She met her business partner and co-founder Dr. Amy Yuang, and together they formulated a concept known as the Skincare Genome Project.

The project includes “The effectiveness of over 20,238 skincare ingredients, information about over 100,000 individual products (luxury, prescription, generic, etc.), over 8 million testimonials from real people, over 4,000 scientific publications and the water hardness, humidity level, and UV index where you live.”

This information allows them to tailor-make their formula just for you.

What makes it special?

Before purchasing an item from Proven Skincare, buyers must fill out a skin genome test then “our database instantly sifts through this incredible amount of information to select the best ingredients for your skin.”

The test includes a list of questions ranging from your skin type, age, and lifestyle to your food choices and daily routine.

As you answer each question, the website shows you the list of different ingredients that will be used in creating your specialized products.

They also explain each ingredient in detail while noting their unique benefits for your skin type.

The company notes that each “PROVEN product is custom-made to give your skin just what it needs, using the best available scientific expertise and the most effective ingredients.”

The skincare products are clean and non-toxic.

Where can you buy them?

The products are available for purchase at, but the website is a little unique.

You won’t see a list of products to add to your cart like most sites. You won’t see any product at all until you take the quiz.

You’ll then need to create an account on the website to access the products that are suggested based on the results from your skin test.

Based on their Instagram page, the products range from SPF, eye creams, serums, facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, which cost from $35 to over $100.

That’s what we know so far, but you can learn a lot more about Proven Skincare when a new episode of the ABC show airs tonight.

Also on tap for tonight is a children’s computer from Tanoshi and a product called UnbuckleMe, which helps arthritic parents with kid’s car seat belts.

The special episode of Shark Tank airs Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC.

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