Tanoshi on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes it special and where to buy one

The computer company will pitch the the sharks on Shark Tank
Tanoshi will make their pitch on Shark Tank. Pic credit: @tanoshikids/Instagram

Shark Tank is switching up its schedule and airing a new episode this Wednesday night, and another in its regular time slot on Friday night.

The ABC reality show will feature a brand new crop of entrepreneurs vying for the chance to gain a substantial amount of cash for their respective companies.

One company you will see tonight is Tanoshi, creators of affordable, kid-oriented computers known as the Tanoshi 2-in-1.

Tanoshi’s appearance on the show tonight is timely.

Since schools are closed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, students are using technology as their primary source of learning.

It’s quite likely that the sharks could invest in the company – assuming they make a great pitch.

However, even if they don’t get an investor from the show tonight, the coverage from the episode will most likely boost the company’s image and bring in more customers nonetheless.

Before they appear on our screens, let’s learn a bit more about this innovative company.

About Tanoshi

The name Tanoshi translates as “fun” in Japanese, and that is what founders Brad Johnston and Lisa Love have in store for kids who use their technology.

With their affordable computer, they hope to help kids in lower-income households  “level the playing field and give every child a more equal opportunity for future success.”

That is their mission, and they are hoping that with an investment from the judges on Shark Tank, they can continue their mission.

Their product, the Tanoshi 2-in-1, “helps to bridge that digital divide gap by offering families with a fun, age-appropriate, educational, and affordable device to learn computer skills and help kids complete their school assignments.”

Mashable voted the computer featured tonight as the “best laptop for beginners” in 2019.

The company also shares that, with the creation of this product, “We especially hope to inspire more girls and others underrepresented in the tech space, to want to develop and utilize computer science skills.”

Tanoshi 2-in-1 computer

This 10-inch computer is available on the company website in blue or pink for $189.

The device has a detachable touchscreen tablet and a kid-size ergonomic keyboard.

It is pre-loaded with kids coding apps, google docs and sheets “so kids can conveniently do their homework,” and access to over three million apps in the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, it has free parental controls so that you can “approve or deny apps [and] see how much time your child is spending on apps.”

You can also set the computer  “to automatically turn off at bedtime, and more…all from your smartphone!”

However, the product is sold out on the website, but there is an option to pre-order, with an expected delivery date of late spring or early summer.

The Tanoshi 2-in 1 computer can also be purchased on Amazon, but it is sold out there as well.

Other Tanoshi products

Tanoshi also sells related products to enhance user experience.

You can purchase a mini optical mouse for $9.99, a laptop sleeve for $29.99, an ergonomic keyboard for $50, and a 2-in-1 power adapter for $15.

The special episode of Shark Tank airs Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC.

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