Popular Temptation Island host Mark Walberg posts throwback photos

Mark Walberg
Mark Walberg, the host of Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

The host of Temptation Island, Mark Walberg, is loved by the cast of every season and often receives a lot of positive attention on his Instagram posts.

58-year-old Mark posted a few throwback photos of himself which his followers thought were a great blast from the past.

Mark is credited with having high emotional intelligence and the great ability to help mentor all the couples through their journeys on Temptation Island.

He has been so popular for his charismatic and caring nature that Bachelor fans have even called for him to host that show.

Mark’s vintage pictures received a lot of attention

Mark’s long career as a host on various television programs coupled with his ability to be an attentive and reactive host is why his followers remain so interested in his career and personal life.

Mark’s pictures highlighted not only what he used to look like when he was younger, but also his relationship with his wife.

The picture received likes and comments from a variety of past Temptation Island cast who appreciate seeing throwback pictures and a shoutout to his wife.

He posted another picture highlighting the day he met his wife. He captioned the photo, “I met @robbinmorganwalberg on this date in 1985. I was a singing waiter looking like this. My game must’ve been strong for her to have found me attractive in an apron!!! We’re still at it!”

Mark has taken good care of himself and appears to have aged well.

Mark Walberg has been on television for a long time

Mark started out with his talk show in the mid 90’s called The Mark Walberg Show before appearing as the host on few different game shows, and then ultimately ending up as the host of Antique Roadshow for 19 seasons.

Mark was also the host of Temptation Island’s original run of three seasons from 2001-2003.

His other accolades are appearances on talk shows, celebrity poker games, and a few different acting gigs.

The next season of Temptation Island is currently in casting, but it is all but certain that Mark will be returning as the host.

He has done Q&A’s on Instagram about how much he loves his job as the host of Temptation Island and what some of the unique challenges of the position are.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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