Pieper James issues an apology and doesn’t condone Brendan’s dishonesty on Bachelor in Paradise

Piper James cries
Pieper James speaks out for the second time since her BIP fiasco. Pic credit: ABC

After being caught in a huge Bachelor in Paradise scandal, Pieper James is attempting to mend her damaged reputation. 

Similar to her significant other, Brendan Morais, Pieper has spoken out and apologized for the hurt she’s caused. 

Pieper James wants to make things right 

In an interview with US Weekly, Pieper provided insight into her intentions and where she was coming from when she joined this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Among the many criticisms Pieper has received, one of them included why she would go on this show if she already had a substantial relationship with Brendan beforehand. 

It seems Pieper felt BIP was the right place to see if she could grow her already established connection with Brendan. 

Pieper explained, “I didn’t go into Paradise with the intention of hurting anyone, nor would I ever want to be the reason why someone had a bad experience. I went in excited to see a guy that I had connected with and liked before the show started filming, and was looking forward to seeing if that connection would grow into something more.” 

Before apologizing to Natasha, Pieper pointed out that she had a friendship with Natasha prior to arriving in paradise, and Pieper tried to suggest that Natasha was aware of her budding relationship with Brendan.

Pieper revealed, “I had a friendship with Natasha before the show and had spoken to her about me and Brendan talking. With that said, I am truly sorry for any hurt that I caused her and hope that I get the opportunity to speak to her soon and make things right.” 

Pieper has changed her tune since her first statement amidst the aftermath. Initially, Pieper had made a haughty post about all being fair in love and war but, when her comment section was overcome by disapproving responses, she limited her comments and shared a written statement. 

In her statement, Pieper tried to clear her name by placing the blame on editing and suggesting that her poor behavior was done in a lighthearted fashion because Bachelor in Paradise is a lighthearted show. 

Fans felt Pieper still wasn’t taking accountability and Pieper continued to lose thousands of followers.

Pieper James doesn’t want to be an extension of Brendan Morais

In Pieper’s latest interview, she acknowledged that she can’t fully blame editing and also tried to separate herself from Brendan’s own dishonest actions. 

Pieper told US Weekly, “I’m not an extension of Brendan and his actions, and I don’t condone dishonest behavior. I got caught up in the moment while I was with Brendan in Paradise, and while I don’t fully blame editing, it doesn’t always tell the whole story.” 

In Brendan’s apology statement he requested that he receive the bulk of the backlash instead of Pieper because he claimed he is the one most at fault. 

It seems Pieper also feels that Brendan’s actions were more dishonest than her own, despite the fact that Pieper openly thanked Brendan for “playing the game” essentially at Natasha’s expense. 

Brendan and Pieper appear to have a long road to redemption and it looks like they’ll be under even more fire with the BIP cast in the upcoming episode.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.  

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