Peter Weber’s mother Barb was reportedly a ‘major issue’ in his breakup with Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s mom Barb was reportedly a major issue in his relationship and breakup. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber shocked the world when he announced that he was a single man.

Peter surprised everyone with the news that he and Kelley Flanagan had broken up, especially since he had just talked about how Kelley was the best Christmas gift one could imagine just days prior.

At the time, it was Peter who did all the talking to the press about the split. He revealed that they were just very different people.

Kelley broke her silence almost a week later, revealing that she was sad about the split but excited as to what 2021 would bring.

Both of them didn’t really share what caused them to split up, especially since they were just weeks away from supposedly moving to New York City together.

Peter Weber’s mother Barb played a role in his split from Kelley

So, what happened?

While Peter and Kelley aren’t saying much, sources are coming forward and they are trying to fill in the gaps.

“The move was the final straw in some ongoing issues in their relationship; the biggest of which was that they were not on the same page about how they approached relationships,” a source has told ET Online about the split.

Even though there have been rumors about cheating, which pointed to Peter as being the man who cheated on Kelley, it appears that there was no truth to this. In fact, while it was Peter who brought up the idea of breaking up, Kelley supposedly knew they had issues and saw it coming.

“There was growth that needed to happen from Peter that wasn’t happening,” the source explained.

However, another source claims that it was Peter’s mom Barbara who played a “major issue” in the relationship.

“Barb was very involved and expected to be a major priority within Peter and Kelley’s relationship,” the source explained.

Peter was asked about the breakup and possibly about his mother’s involvement by ET. He shared an exclusive statement with the magazine, revealing that the split actually happened a few weeks ago.

“Kelley and I broke up two weeks ago. I flew to Chicago and was finished with the relationship, then my mom really encouraged us to be in the relationship if we wanted to be and to not give up. Kelley and I operate on two different frequencies, and one isn’t better or worse than the other; we’re just two different people, and those differences surfaced after eight months of dating. But I loved her like crazy, and my mom really cared about her,” Peter explained.

Based on Peter’s comment, it sounds like his mom was trying to help. No word on how big of a role she played throughout the relationship. It’s no secret that Barb really wanted her son to find love.

Peter Weber has previously defended his mom Barb

It’s interesting that Peter’s mom is being brought into the conversation because she has played a role in his love life for a while. She really wanted Peter to pick Hannah Ann on The Bachelor, and even though he did, they didn’t work.

She was not happy when he dumped Hannah Ann to pursue Madison Prewett. She was labeled as the mother-in-law from hell.

Following the After The Final Rose special last year, Peter decided to defend his mom after her outrageous behavior towards Madison Prewett.

He shared that his mom was just coming from a place of love. After the split from Kelley, Barb decided to speak out on behalf of her son, even though it wasn’t required.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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