Peter Weber’s mom promises to let Bachelor fans know when he asks Kelley Flanagan to marry him

Peter Weber's mom
Peter Weber’s mom says she’ll let The Bachelor fans know when her son asks Kelley Flanagan to marry him. Pic credit: ABC

Now that Peter Weber has made things official with Kelley Flanagan, The Bachelor fans want to know when he plans to pop the question.

Peter didn’t ask Kelley to marry him on The Bachelor. He didn’t even get close, instead, sending her packing before the hometown dates started.

And while Kelley didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Peter’s mom on the show, she has met the whole family now and they seem to all get along really well.

According to Peter’s mom, Barbara Weber, her son is very serious about his relationship with Kelley. So much so that she says the two have started talking about marriage.

When will Peter Weber ask Kelley Flanagan to marry him?

Peter Weber dealt with quite a bit of drama on his season of The Bachelor, especially near the end. After all, he sent Kelley home in fifth place, then, after sending Kelsey Weier and Victoria Fuller home, he ended up in quite a predicament.

Peter seemed to really want to be with Madison Prewett but she dumped him after learning that he slept with other women in the Fantasy Suites. She told him beforehand that she likely wouldn’t go forward if he did because she was saving herself for marriage.

That left Peter Weber with no option but to propose to Hannah Ann Sluss or leave empty-handed like Brad Womack in Season 11. He chose to propose but that didn’t last at all. Another attempt to revive his romance with Madison also didn’t work out and it was looking like The Bachelor star might not find love after all.

That was until Peter and Kelley started hanging out together right at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The two sparked dating rumors after they were caught canoodling in Chicago. It turned out to be a group date, with Peter Weber’s best friend in attendance and Bachelor Nation soon learned that all three were in quarantine together.

That didn’t last long, though, as Dustin Kendrick went home, leaving Peter and Kelley alone to continue building their relationship.

Fast-forward to July and this pair is still together and they have even done a bit of traveling as they headed to California to spend time with Peter’s family.

It seems that Kelley has the seal of approval from Peter’s mom, Barbara Weber, and anyone who tuned in to see his season knows that’s not an easy task.

As fast as their relationship was rekindled and then became serious, it wouldn’t be shocking at all if Peter were to pop the question within the next few months.

Barbara Weber promises to share engagement news when Peter puts a ring on it

At this point, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are already living together and their relationship is moving quickly in the right direction.

That doesn’t mean Peter is out of the doghouse for sending Kelley home on The Bachelor, though. He recently admitted that he’s still trying to make up for how things went down on the show.

But when Peter does pop the question, The Bachelor fans won’t have to wait long to find out about it because Barbara said she would let everyone know.

“Now, basically, it’s just enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other more,” Barbara told Life & Style. “When the day comes, I’ll let you know!”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return in January 2021. 

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