Peter Weber responds to recent criticism of his season on The Bachelor

Peter Weber on The Bachelor
Is Peter Weber the worst Bachelor yet? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor viewers have been, for the most part, unimpressed with Peter Weber’s season. From the way the girls act and treat each other to the way Peter handles it, there has been quite a bit of criticism.

Some have even called Peter’s season one of the worst in the history of The Bachelor. That’s something he’s not very happy about and has spoken out about as this season begins to wind down.

Many have complained about the group of girls who are competing for Peter’s heart. Quite a few Bachelor viewers have commented on how young and immature the group is, questioning if they are really there in hopes of getting married or if they just want to be noticed.

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The Bachelor viewers not impressed with Peter Weber

And then there’s Peter himself. His management of the girls hoping to get that final rose has come into question too. Especially after sending Alayah home before questioning the decision and then allowing her back into the house.

When Peter gave Alayah that rose, the other girls were not happy, and it caused even more drama among this cast of The Bachelor. Then, it was all for naught because she ended up leaving anyway.

Peter’s ability to manage the girls was questioned again when he invited Mykenna and Tammy out on a “date” only to put them on the spot and try to work out their issues. That didn’t go so well, and ultimately, Tammy and Mykenna ended up going home too.

Bachelor fans have been disappointed that Peter Weber’s season has been more about drama and catfights than finding love.

Peter Weber is completely aware that so many Bachelor fans have been criticizing his time on the ABC competition, and he’s even spoken about it.

Peter defends himself

“I’m definitely getting some tough skin now,” Peter recently told E! News. “But I just…I understand that there’s a lot of drama right now and things are kind of crazy, but I do think it’s a little…it’s too bad a lot of the criticism and a lot of hate that’s kind of been kind of coming out.”

Peter went on to say that he really hoped that The Bachelor viewers could look for the positive stuff right now instead of the negative.

He also said that he knows that viewers have certain opinions about him and the girls that are still in the house so he’s probably seen the meme that pokes fun at how excited The Bachelor fans were to have Peter Weber on this season versus how they feel about him now.

It’s even better that it’s Hannah B in the picture. Maybe she should have stuck around after all.

But Peter is defending his actions on the show, telling Bachelor viewers that he tried his hardest and did his best.

“You know, we’re just doing our best, and we sign up for this type of experience and you hope for the best,” Peter said. “You hope you’re going to find love at the end of it and yeah, things are always going to happen, things are gonna come out, because we’re human beings and we’re not perfect, but I just wish people would focus more on spreading love rather than so much hate.”

Peter went on to talk about how impossible it is to prepare to be The Bachelor and how different it was when he was just one of a group of guys on The Bachelorette.

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