Peter Weber’s father has a cute nickname for Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s father has a cute nickname for Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber has spent weeks in quarantine with Kelley Flanagan. It’s uncertain what led them to spend the time in quarantine together, but it has resulted in many romance rumors.

It doesn’t help that Peter’s parents appear to be smitten with Kelley, something Peter’s mom wasn’t with Madison Prewett.

During The Bachelor finale, it was clear that Barbara preferred Hannah Ann over Madison and tried to encourage her son to pick wisely.

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At the time, Kelley wasn’t an obvious choice for Peter as he had eliminated her the week before hometown dates.

Now, the Weber family appears to accept her with open arms — and it seems like they already have a nickname for her.

Peter Weber’s father has a nickname for Kelley Flanagan

On Instagram, Peter’s father replied to Kelley, who wished him a happy birthday. She sent two hearts to him on Instagram, and he replied, responding to her with an interesting nickname.

Peter's dad
Peter’s dad has a cute nickname for Kelley. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

“Thanks so much for the wishes Chop Chip. Miss you guys,” Peter Weber Sr. replied to Kelley.

While we don’t know where this nickname comes from, it sure is a cute one. Plus, Peter Sr. replied that he missed both Kelley and his son, so they may be making a trip to California once this is all over.

Peter Weber has said he’s lucky if he gets a chance with Kelley

Peter’s family has been more than accepting of the women Barbara has approved for her son. And it sounds like both of Peter’s parents are more than excited at the prospects of Peter dating Kelley.

Peter himself has revealed his thoughts about getting a chance to date her. At the time, he confirmed that he wasn’t dating Kelley, but would be more than lucky if he would get a chance in the future.

Plus, Kelley received lots of love from Peter’s parents, as they’ve been writing heart emojis to her on her Instagram posts.

While Barbara was not as supportive or loving towards Madison, it’s clear that she would be more than happy to have Kelley as a daughter-in-law.

While Peter has been vocal about wanting a chance with Kelley, she hasn’t said much dating Peter. In fact, she’s been very private about her feelings and where she stands.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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