Peter Weber speaks out about racism and uses his Bachelor platform to share powerful message

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is speaking out about racism. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber is the last Bachelor to film for the franchise before the show went on hiatus.

Even though Peter is no longer with the woman he proposed to during the finale, he has found love with someone from his season.

Usually, these Bachelor and Bachelorette stars use their platforms to further their time in the spotlight, including getting blogging deals, promotional gigs, and appearing on shows like Dancing With The Stars.

But for Peter, he seems to have no interest in doing the publicity path, as he returned to work as a pilot shortly after his season ended.

And now, he’s using his social platform for something good, as he is speaking out against racism.

Peter Weber uses his Bachelor platform for something good

Since late last week, people across the nation have protested in response to the death of George Floyd,

“In today’s day and age, it is so sad that racism is still an issue. What happened to George Floyd is unacceptable and anyone that was involved in taking his life needs to be held accountable. We need to do better,” Peter wrote on an Instagram post that he shared on Sunday after riots took place across the country to protest the death of George Floyd.

“The pain that is being felt across the nation breaks my heart. I believe the best way we can honor George Floyd’s memory is through peaceful protesting to help create the change we need. I pray we can all come together in a trying time like this and not become more divided.”

Several Bachelor stars shared their agreement with Peter’s post, and his mom and Kelley Flanagan both added hearts to his post.

The Bachelor franchise has been criticized for being racist, as they have only had one African American lead in Rachel Lindsay. They had the chance to pick an African American lead in Mike Johnson last year but chose Peter.

In other words, it’s great to see Peter using his platform to spread the word about the protests and the discrimination against African Americans in the country.

Tanner Tolbert recently spoke out about Peter as The Bachelor, saying that he was too focused on pleasing everyone.

That’s why Peter kept making mistakes on The Bachelor, and why he eventually got the label of the worst Bachelor star ever. But his Bachelor label isn’t slowing him down in speaking out about social issues.

Peter Weber is currently dating Kelley Flanagan

These days, Peter is dating Kelley Flanagan, the woman he chose to send home right before his hometown dates.

He tried to make things work with his fiance, Hannah Ann, for about a month before deciding to pursue Madison Prewett, the woman who self-eliminated right before the finale.

But when things didn’t work out with her either, Peter chose to pursue Kelly.

The two quarantined together to see if they had a connection. The couple has been dating for a few weeks now.

And it seems that he’s over the moon excited about her, as he recently posted an Instagram message, saying he still has seven months left of 2020 to make it the best year ever.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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