Peter Weber responds to people trolling him for dating Kelley as a last resort after The Bachelor

Peter Weber Kelley
Peter Weber responds to fans who mock him for sending Kelley home on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber made some questionable decisions on the show, including bringing women back after he had already sent them home.

He also spent way too much time contemplating his feelings for Hannah Brown after their time on The Bachelorette — something that didn’t make some fans happy.

As it turns out, his time in quarantine is proving to be telling for both Peter and Bachelor fans. In fact, many people believe that Peter and Kelley Flanagan should start dating.

The two have been spending time in quarantine together, and since there isn’t too much to do, they have been making Tik Tok videos, cooking together, and hanging out with Peter’s best friend, Dustin Kendrick.

Now, fans are starting to question why Peter didn’t pick Kelley in the first place on the show.

Peter Weber responds to fans and defends his decision

On Tik Tok, Peter posted a video of him and Kelley, but the real action happened in the commentary. Here, someone said that Peter was the CEO of sending someone home from The Bachelor and then hanging with them afterward.

Peter commented, saying it was awkward, and then asked Kelley to chime in.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber engages fans about Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Tik Tok

Another person told Kelley that she should blink twice in a Tik Tok video if she is okay. Fans are joking that perhaps Peter has overstayed his welcome in her Chicago apartment.

In response, Peter posted four big eye emojis.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Another person added that CEO was equal to Kelley being the last possibility, hinting that Peter was going back to his final option.

That’s when Peter defended himself.

“Ok, it’s not like I sent her home night one…” he replied. Kelley was eliminated right before hometown dates.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber responds on Tik Tok. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Tik Tok

Peter also responded to a comment that hinted Kelley was the last option out of the first three he wanted.

The person wrote that it must be hard for Kelley to know that her boyfriend was engaged and chose three people before her, referencing Hannah Brown, Hannah Ann, and Madison Prewett.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber jokes about his choices on The Bachelor. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Tik Tok

“Damn that would be awkward no?!” Peter replied to the follower. Kelley didn’t chime in on any of the comments.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan have been reconnecting in quarantine

Peter and Kelley didn’t share that they were in quarantine together. They were spotted hanging out at the Chicago waterfront and flirting one day.

Fans were furious because they didn’t practice social distancing. But after revealing they were in quarantine together, fans changed their minds and pushed for them to start a relationship.

And Kelley and Peter are playing along. Kelley recently joked about Dustin leaving her apartment, joking that it is awkward when his best friend won’t leave.

She was clearly poking fun at Dustin being the awkward third wheel in their quarantine.

Peter and Kelley have also been flirty in their Tik Tok videos, including one video where they were cuddled up with Dustin.

They have yet to confirm a relationship, but Peter didn’t deny them dating in the Tik Tok comments.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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