Peter Weber outlines what happened when Hannah B reached out to him after his proposal to Hannah Ann

Peter and Hannah Ann
Peter Weber and Hannah Ann got engaged, but then Hannah Brown reached out to him. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s finale of The Bachelor wasn’t a normal one.

He proposed to Hannah Ann and then changed his mind.

For months, fans couldn’t figure out what happened.

Did he regret picking Hannah Ann and wanted to pursue things with Madison Prewett? Was Hannah Brown to blame, as she had been with him earlier in the season?

Now, Peter is speaking out about what happened behind the scenes, revealing Hannah B reached out to him after the first couple of episodes.

Peter Weber reveals he struggled to watch The Bachelor with Hannah Ann

Peter and both of the Hannahs had received an early copy of the episodes, so they were watching the first few episodes of The Bachelor in December before everyone else.

During an interview with Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin for their podcast Bachelor Happy Hour, Peter opens up about those early weeks of his engagement.

Weber reveals it was very tough for him to watch the show, and he reveals he did tell Hannah Ann about his struggles.

“That was the first time that I opened up to Hannah Ann about where I was struggling. And I struggled with that so much because that’s the last thing I want to be putting on her,” Weber said.

“She’s my person now, and you should feel comfortable leaning on that person and sharing anything with them, but it’s like, that’s so inappropriate and so weird and so not what she wants to hear.”

Peter also points out that he didn’t know how to pursue this conversation in the right way. He decided the best way to do it was simply to be open and honest, even if it didn’t sit well with her.

Things didn’t get better when Hannah B reached out to him after their emotional conversation backstage on the first group date.

Peter Weber wasn’t allowed to see Hannah B in person

Peter shares that Hannah B reached out to him on Instagram after watching the emotional episode, where they decided to end things and move on, respectively.

“She direct messaged me and said, ‘Hey … that was really rough, tough to watch. How are you doing with all that? I don’t know how I feel about it,’” he said.

That’s when Peter knew that he had to be honest with Hannah Ann about Brown reaching out to him. He also explains that talking things through with Brown would give them both closure.

“So when I got that, that’s when I went to Hannah Ann and said, ‘Hey, listen, Hannah Brown reached out to me. I want to see if you’re comfortable with me continuing to talk and possibly give her closure, give me closure in all this because of how everything ended. Would you be okay with that?’” he recalls.

“And she obviously was a little uneasy about it, understandably,” he continued. “But finally [she] was like, ‘Just don’t see her in person. But yeah, you guys can talk about it and handle all that stuff.’”

Now, reflecting on the dramatic breakup between Hannah Ann and Peter, it makes sense that she was upset with him.

Not only was she being dumped after getting engaged, but she was also giving him room to talk to his ex-girlfriend on social media after he contemplated giving her a second chance on The Bachelor.

It’s no wonder that she was so upset with him during the finale and the After The Final Rose segment, where she confronted him.

This week, Hannah Ann made headlines because she retweeted a message, mocking Peter’s magic tricks he has been doing on social media. She’s clearly hinting that she’s much better off without him and their engagement.

Peter has also moved on. He recently challenged Tyler Cameron to a dance-off on Tik Tok, even though Hannah B has been staying with Tyler throughout quarantine.

She stayed with him for a few weeks before going back home to Alabama.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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Melissa mann
Melissa mann
4 years ago

I think Peter should stick with one person and being engaged to that person if he feels comfortable with that