Peter Weber is wowed by Bri and Chris’ performance on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is watching Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently in quarantine in Chicago and he’s doing what everyone else is doing to make the time pass.

Other than flying out a couple of times since the world has been on lockdown, the pilot spends time watching television and staying on top of Bachelor-related content.

That means he’s been watching Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. This is the first time he’s publicly said he’s watching it.

On Instagram, Peter shared his thoughts about one of the couples. Not surprisingly, he can clearly spot love when he sees it.

Peter Weber is wowed by Bri and Chris

On Instagram, Peter revealed he was wowed by the performance put on by Chris and Bri. The two had a strong connection from the very beginning of the show.

Chris and Bri appear to be falling in love, which is the purpose of the show. The music just brings them closer together.

Peter LTYH
Peter Weber is watching Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

Peter even used the fire emoji to show how impressed he was with their performance and their connection. Since Peter himself just went through The Bachelor process with the hope of finding love, he understands how Bachelor Nation works.

Bri and Chris are currently the most powerful couple on the show and they are definitely competition for everyone else.

Peter Weber didn’t appear to have the same spark with any woman on The Bachelor

Throughout his journey on The Bachelor, Weber tried to find a strong connection with a woman he could make a wife. He thought he had that spark with Madison Prewett, but she didn’t feel the same way.

Then, he tried to make it work with Hannah Ann but had to end their engagement because he didn’t see a future with her.

But Peter’s story didn’t end there.

After the ABC show wrapped, Hannah Brown supposedly reached out to him to get closure. This happened after their emotional conversation on The Bachelor in which Hannah and Peter thought that they could possibly give their romance from The Bachelorette a second chance.

These days, Peter appears to be rekindling his romance with Kelley Flanagan. He sent Kelley home prior to the hometown dates, even though the two had met prior to The Bachelor, and they established a special connection. They have not confirmed a relationship.

Since revealing that they are in quarantine together, Kelley received shade from women who competed during Peter’s season. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem to care what the others think.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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