Peter Weber is doing Instagram sponsor deals after revealing his work as a pilot has slowed down

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is already doing Instagram ads. Pic credit: ABC

It has been a few months since Peter Weber was The Bachelor in ABC.

During his time in the role, he was criticized for making some pretty bad decisions, including bringing women back who he had previously sent home and keeping the drama on the show for too long.

Rather than keep trying to make his relationship with Kelley Flanagan work, Peter chose to keep Victoria Fuller over Kelley and ended up with a dramatic hometown date.

But after The Bachelor came to an end, Peter decided to again pursue Kelley. The two quarantined together and have been trying to keep busy while everything is shut down.

So, what does a reality star do with nothing but time on his hands? Apparently, he starts making sponsored Instagram posts to make some money.

Peter Weber is doing Instagram sponsorships

Fans spotted Peter’s first Instagram ad this week. The ad was for Detox Organics, which Peter claimed that he used to stay healthy while on the go with his job as a pilot.

He filmed a video of himself using the product while wearing his pilot uniform. It appears that the video was made at his parents’ house in California.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is now doing Instagram sponsor deals. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

Peter is also moving forward in his relationship with Kelley. She has been working long-distance for her family law firm, which is based in Chicago, and she’s learned that she can work from a distance without a problem.

Peter recently joked about proposing to Kelley but clarified that they aren’t in a hurry to get engaged.

Peter Weber revealed that his work is slowing down because of COVID-19

Peter’s work as a pilot has slowed down, which may be why he’s taken to posting Instagram ads. Even though flying is considered an essential business, leisure travel has all but stopped, so Pete hasn’t worked too much lately. During a recent interview with Lauren Zima from ET, Peter revealed that he may not fly again until October.

Until that time, Peter and Kelley are looking at moving in together. Even though Peter was living with his parents in California and Kelley was in Chicago before the pandemic, they are looking at moving to New York City together in September.

For now, Peter seems focused on his new relationship. He said this week that he won’t stop trying to make up for his mistakes on The Bachelor.

Since he sent her home during week 6, he knows he has a lot to make up for, as he went on three overnight dates with three separate women and got engaged to Hannah Ann, while chasing Madison Prewett afterwards.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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