Peter Weber from The Bachelor is finally moving out of his parents’ house but what does mother Barbara think?

Peter Weber and his parents on The Bachelor
Peter Weber is finally moving out of his parents’ house. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber went through a lot on the latest season of The Bachelor, only to end up empty-handed as his romances with both Hannah Ann and Madison fizzled after filming stopped.

Now, the Bachelor star is ready to move on in another way as he’s finally moving out of his parents’ house and is ready to spend some time doing his own thing.

Peter Weber tells The Bachelor fans what he plans for the future

In a recent Instagram Q&A, Peter Weber was asked about his living arrangements and it turns out, he won’t be staying with mommy and daddy for much longer.

This was revealed after a fan asked, “Any plans to not live at home?”

He responded, “But real talk yes, either NYC for about a year or LA.”

The big reveal was made via video with Peter Weber singing Leaving On A Jet Plane as his parents sang along and danced in the background.

Peter Weber's Instagram Q&A
Peter Weber tells fans he plans to move out of his parents’ house. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

Like many other stars of the Bachelor franchise, he’s headed off to do his own thing and will be putting down roots in either Los Angeles or New York City, at least temporarily.

It’s not really clear why Peter is looking to move to the big city for “about a year” and where he’ll end up after that.

How will Barb deal with Peter Weber out of the house?

Peter Weber’s mom quickly became both the hero and the villain on his season of The Bachelor. Some fans of the show blasted her for the way Madison was treated, claiming that Barbara had no right to come between them as she was clearly more fond of Hannah Ann.

Even Peter got a lot of heat for his mom’s behavior on the show, with many questioning if he was a mama’s boy and commenting on how his mom played a part in Peter ending the season with no one.

So when Peter told his fans on Instagram that he was planning to finally move out of his parents’ house, naturally, many wondered if his mom was freaking out.

It turns out that she’s not and she was even there when Peter filmed the video to let fans know about his plans to move. If she has a preference over his move to either New York City or Los Angeles, though, we’re pretty sure that she’ll share it with him.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return in early 2021. 

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4 years ago

She will make the decision for him and have a room there. She rules that house her sons and husband are controlled by her.

4 years ago

Where ever he chooses, I hope he finds love. It really does seem like he has a good heart and doesn’t want to hurt anyone

Doreen wright
Doreen wright
4 years ago

Who care Had enough of Barbara she was enjoy to loose interest in the show period and I know a lot feel the same way.

4 years ago

She’ll decide where he lives. Just like IMO she ruined his chances with Madison. She is a domineering Mother!