Peter Weber didn’t ask permission to marry any of The Bachelor women

Peter Weber
Peter Weber didn’t ask permission to marry the women. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s hometown dates were a bit unusual this week on The Bachelor.

Not only did Victoria Fuller’s hometown date take up almost half the episode without Peter ever meeting her parents, but he also did something that others before him didn’t.

He chose to skip over that whole part about asking the fathers for permission to marry their daughters.

Peter didn’t ask a single one of the fathers for their daughters’ hands in marriage.

Peter Weber is creating his own rules

This has often been one of the main points of the hometown dates — to meet the family and to see if it is a good fit.

And if it is, The Bachelor usually asks for permission to marry.

As the episode aired, viewers started to wonder if Peter just had no plans to ask or if he was distracted by the food, wine, or emotional parents.

However, it seems that Peter is just creating his own rules for navigating through The Bachelor. Not only did he skip over the permissions, but he also told three women that he was falling in love with them.

When Ben Higgins told two women he was falling in love with them, he ended up facing criticism from viewers and ended up hitting a few bumps when his final pick, Lauren Bushnell, learned that he did indeed love JoJo Fletcher as well.

It sounds like Peter will have to defend his choices on the upcoming Women Tell All episode.

Did Peter Weber already plan out the hometown dates?

It seems like Peter may have planned out the hometown dates and knew in advance that he wasn’t going to ask all four fathers for their permission to marry.

He could have planned everything out, except for Victoria F’s drama. No one could have seen that one coming, as Peter’s ex-girlfriend joined the show to warn him about Victoria.

As fans already know, Peter’s ending remains unspoiled, possibly because he hasn’t picked his final woman yet. Maybe he didn’t ask permission because he already knew the final outcome — he wasn’t going to propose on national television, to begin with.

He wouldn’t be the first Bachelor star to walk away from the show with a girlfriend.

Only time will tell how everything shakes out, but one thing is for sure — Peter isn’t following the traditional Bachelor rules.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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