Peter Weber calls out Madison and hints she’s not telling the whole story — and then unfollows her

Peter Weber
Peter Weber calls out Madison Prewett and then unfollows her. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently in quarantine in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan, but he’s paying attention when his name pops up in the media.

This week, a new podcast episode went live featuring an interview with his ex-fiance, Madison Prewett.

As fans recall, Madison eliminated herself from The Bachelor just before the final proposal, leaving Peter confused and heartbroken.

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Despite proposing to Hannah Ann, he later changed his mind and wanted to pursue Madison. He got some resistance from his mom Barbara, and their relationship never saw the light of day.

Now, Madison is speaking out, and Peter doesn’t like it one bit.

Peter Weber says that Madison isn’t telling the whole story

Perhaps Peter listened to her interview this week because he decided to call her out on Instagram for the things she said.

Prewett appeared on the Off The Vine podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe, sharing she felt betrayed by Peter and Kelley.

One of the things she mentioned was that Peter reached out to her two days before photos hit with him and Kelley in Chicago.

Peter on Madison
Peter responded to Madison’s statements. Pic credit: @bachsleuthers/Instagram

Peter took to Instagram, revealing that he wasn’t too pleased.

“You’d think you’d have a little more respect for the situation given we both know there’s more to the story…” he replied, tagging her in the comment.

Yesterday, Monsters & Critics reported that Madison claimed Peter reached out to her two days before being spotted with Kelley in Chicago, begging her to get back together, and telling her that he loved her.

In the podcast, Madison also revealed she was upset with Kelley for quarantining with Peter. Madison considered her as her best friend on The Bachelor.

But that’s not all. After leaving the comment, Peter decided to unfollow Madison on Instagram.

Peter unfollows Madi
Peter unfollows Madison on Instagram. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Instagram user @bachelorteaspill chimed in, claiming that Peter looked like a liar, and he supposedly wasn’t ready to have that conversation.

Peter previously revealed that he and Madison broke up over more issues than just waiting to have sex before marriage.

He said Madison was very strict in what she could and couldn’t do before marriage, including travel and staying at the same hotel. Peter couldn’t see not doing the things he loves before their wedding.

Peter Weber continues his quarantine with Kelley Flanagan

At this point, we don’t know the whole story. We may never know the entire story. Right now, Peter continues to stay with Kelley in Chicago, where they are spending time with Dustin Kendrick in quarantine.

While Peter said that Madison knows there’s more to the story, he didn’t add it. Only time will tell whether Peter will continue to share the story or leave the drama behind.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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