Peter Weber apologizes to this woman in The Bachelor preview according to Reddit [Spoilers]

Peter Weber
Peter Weber issues apology to one woman this season – but who? Pic credit: ABC

There are only two episodes left of The Bachelor, but there is still so much to dissect.

Peter keeps saying that his season remains unspoiled, so fans are doing everything they can to figure out what happens on the show to spoil it.

That means they are dissecting every scene to see who he breaks up with.

In one scene that was shared in the trailer, Peter apologizes to one of the women.

Now, fans think they have it all figured out.

Peter Weber appears to be saying goodbye to Hannah Ann

Reddit users discussed the scene, and they believe that he’s apologizing to Hannah Ann.

Who is Peter talking to in the promo? from thebachelor

Users guessed it was Hannah based on the hair’s style and texture. But many admitted that it was hard given that both women have brown hair.

Their guesses match what Reality Steve has to say about the situation. On his website, he explains that he believes it to be Hannah Ann because he broke things off with her before pursuing a relationship with Madison.

But this scene doesn’t happen in Australia. It happens back in California.

“That scene has been proven to be a house in California rented by the show. I wasn’t told SPECIFICALLY who that was, but based on everything I just said, that seemingly is him finally telling Hannah Ann that he’s spoken to Madi and he’s not ending it with her in that moment and apologizing for seemingly putting her through this,” Steve writes on his website.

Peter Weber could end up with Madison

If he sends Hannah Ann home, that leaves him with Madison.

Reality Steve believes he has figured out what happens during the finale, as Madison leaves before the final rose ceremony. Peter wants both women to be there before he can make his final decision, so he asks Hannah Ann to come back to California with him.

It is here that he says he’s sorry and that he’s sending her home. He has decided to pursue things with Madison.

And it seems that Hannah is not with Peter based on her behavior last weekend. Hannah was caught hugging Joshua Dobbs while out at a bar. Some sources told Steve that they were all over each other and kissing, but he couldn’t confirm it.

Everything will be shared on Monday and Tuesday night.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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