Peter Cappio showed up to The Bachelorette Men Tell All to confront the guys: Here’s what ‘FP’ means

Peter Cappio at The Bachelorette Men Tell All
Peter Cappio showed up for The Bachelorette Men Tell All despite going home on the first night. Pic credit: ABC

Last night was a big one for Bachelor Nation as men from Charity Lawson’s season came back together to dish all the dirty details at The Bachelorette Men Tell All.

One man’s appearance was a bit surprising since it’s rare for a guy sent home on the very first night to show up for this special episode.

He wasn’t there for Charity, which is also odd as it’s usually the men arguing amongst themselves but also talking to Charity about what happened and why she sent them packing.

But Peter Cappio was there to confront the guys and ask them what their issue was with him.

He really rubbed some of them the wrong way in his short time on the show, enough that their reaction to him spilled over to social media.

And he would have never even known they were taking aim at him if it weren’t for another troublemaker from the season, Brayden Bowers.

Peter Cappio explains why he showed up to The Bachelorette Men Tell All

As the segment started, even Jesse Palmer seemed perplexed as to why Peter Cappio was there.

“You got sent home on the first night. We barely got to know you, and there was no drama until you went home,” Jesse said as Peter said with no expression. “Can you shed some light on that for us and educate us on what happened?”

Peter explained that after the season was over and everyone was home, he participated in a cast Zoom call. He said, “15 or 16 of the guys put the initials ‘FP’ after their post.”

What does “FP” mean? That’s a great question and one that Peter would have never even had if not for Brayden Bowers, who let him in on the joke. Unfortunately for Peter, he was the butt of that joke.

“Brayden was actually man enough to come to me and tell me what it meant. And what it meant was “f**k Peter.'”

Peter admitted that he was confused and upset by the dig, not understanding what he did to the guys to make them react to him that way.

Charity Lawson’s guys apologize for ‘FP’ and explain why they didn’t like Peter Cappio

While Peter was still in the middle of explaining how “FP” affected his life, Xavier Bonner cut in with an apology.

“Before we go any further,” Xavier cut in. “We shouldn’t have done that. It was a bad play. It was just an inside joke. Nobody would have known it was against Peter if, you know, this guy [hadn’t] shared it.”

Peter was laying it on thick, though. As Jesse shared screenshots of the guys’ Instagram posts that featured the “FP” label, he whined that his friends, family, and even people at his church saw the “FP” message on their posts. But how could any of them have known what it meant without context from Brayden or Peter himself?

And while the guys seem to really not like Peter, he claimed he had no idea he was “rubbing people the wrong way.”

If he didn’t know why they didn’t like him before, they sure do now!

Peter was called out for being “a b***h” and telling all the guys “f**k you” who tried to speak to him.

Beyond the way he treated the guys, it seems they didn’t like him because he was there for the wrong reasons, meanwhile asking them who might be there for the wrong reasons.

He was accused of asking about endorsement deals on the Zoom call even though he was just a blip on the show. The guys went on about Peter’s efforts to monetize his very short time on the show and even how he thanked them for “putting him on the map.”

Even after a very sincere apology from Xavier, it’s clear that Peter still isn’t making friends with The Bachelorette cast.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 9/8c on ABC.

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