Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia cast for Season 3 of Love in Paradise

Lidia Morel Urena
Lidia Morel Urena during an interview on Season 3 of The Family Chantel. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia Morel Urena is giving love a shot on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story.

The hit 90 Day Fiance spinoff is in its third season, and Lidia is among the familiar faces to star in the upcoming episodes.

90 Day Fiance viewers have known Lidia since Pedro was on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance with his now-ex, Chantel Everett.

Pedro and Chantel got their own spinoff in The Family Chantel, and viewers have gotten used to seeing Lidia as a supporting cast member on the show.

Lidia got a reputation for being callous, harsh, and insensitive for her attitude, outlook on life, and behavior toward her children’s significant others.

That said, Love in Paradise viewers will get to see Lidia in a different light than ever before, as the matriarch of The Family Chantel forays into international dating from her native Dominican Republic.

What can viewers expect from Lidia Jimeno on Love in Paradise: The Carribean?

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean follows American hopefuls as they venture to vacation destinations to meet or reconnect with their love interests and take the next steps in their relationships.

In Lidia’s case, she has been set up with a man named Scott and wants to meet him in the Dominican Republic for the first time in person.

Lidia has a rocky background in love. She was with Pedro and his sister Nicole Jimeno’s father, knowing he had another family and other kids. Pedro and Nicole’s father was never in their lives and would visit Lidia at night, as described during Season 3 of The Family Chantel.

Lidia’s mom, Pedro and Nicole’s grandmother, also admitted to being the other woman in her relationship with Lidia’s father.

All drama and past relationship chaos aside, Love in Paradise viewers are set to see a different side of Lidia.

Lidia Jimeno has a social media presence

During Season 4 of The Family Chantel, Lidia started ramping up her social media presence and is now active on Instagram, where her handle is @lidiamorelg.

Lidia, who Chantel and Pedro described as being very material, loves to flex on her Instagram and has most recently gotten into taking selfies.

Now that she will star on 90 Day Fiance’s spinoff, it’s possible that fans could be seeing more social media content from her. She has 3,770 followers and counting.

Lidia is primarily a Spanish speaker, and while she does have some captions in English, most of her content is in Spanish.

90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 3 premieres on TLC and Discovery+ on Sunday, April 17 at 8 P.M. ET/PT.

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4 months ago

Scott. . . You are the Luckiest man in AMERICA to have ended and cut all ties from this ugly family! You’re a good man to have been kind to these two when you tried to explain what happened! They will NEVER understand . . . You could have just left with no explanation. . . They did not deserve your respect and kindness. . .AMERICA LOVES YOU FOR WALKING AWAY FROM AN IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION! Wishing you the very best!!!