Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia flexes new luxury car

Pedro and Lidia Jimeno
Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia showed off a new car. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel viewers have learned about Pedro Jimeno’s family’s materialism over the years they’ve been around the franchise, and that characteristic seems to still be true.

Pedro’s mom Lidia Morel recently used her Instagram Stories to flex a major new purchase she apparently made.

Lidia stood posing in a car dealership showroom next to a white and black two-door Mercedes she seemed to have purchased.

One picture was taken farther away so as to see the make of the luxury vehicle, while the other was taken closer up to highlight Lidia’s smiling face as she was dressed in all black.

The Family Chantel fans know that Pedro has always taken his car, “Betsy,” very seriously and takes any opportunity to show her off, and it looks like his mom might be doing the same with her new car.

Chantel called out Lidia’s materialism on Season 4 after she gave her Gucci sunglasses to get in her good graces — a ploy that Pedro called out negatively after noting that his mom was easily swayed by material things.

Pedro Jimeno's mom's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @lidiamorelg/Instagram

Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia has always been a harsh critic

90 Day and The Family Chantel audience have watched Lidia and her dynamic with her children and their significant others for years, and she has been criticized for her attitude.

Lidia has continuously expressed her disdain for Pedro’s now-estranged wife, Chantel Everett, and encouraged her son to get out of the relationship on several occasions.

When Pedro’s little sister Nicole Jimeno tried to introduce her boyfriend Alejandro Padron to her mom, Lidia called him a dishwasher and broke his perfume. On another occasion, she chased Alejandro down and tried to hit him with her purse.

Furthermore, Lidia’s attitude and harshness were called out after Pedro wanted to ask more about his father and why he abandoned them. Lidia slammed Pedro for asking questions and talked negatively about his dad while condemning Pedro’s search for him.

Lidia Jimeno recently flexed on Instagram

It seems that Lidia is amping up her social media presence with this vehicle flex.

Previously, she had posted a poolside photo of herself in a tight striped jumpsuit while rocking aviator sunglasses for her then-3000 followers.

With The Family Chantel in limbo after Chantel and Pedro’s divorce decision, it’s possible that fans will be seeing more online content from Pedro’s side of the family since another season may not be possible anymore.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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